Moto X 1st Edition Part 2 -Efficiency!

Moto X 1st Gen on Sprint. 

One of my better smartphone experiences. Efficiency. Moto X turned out to be a very likeable device. Once it was put into active use one ignores the cost or why purchased and many other factors. How the device handles counts after that. It’s looks matter also but I was lucky to find OtterBox Commuter for my Moto X (in yellow also as in sports or Sprint carrier color) and the device hides inside the case (shown below) hence the looks can improve or be neutralized. Moto X looks OK by itself.

Moto X handles itself very well. The screen is small but doesn’t look or feel small when looking at it. The brightness is impressive and memorizes the viewer forgetting how small the screen is. The buttons are well placed and form factor is better than average.

What I have always liked about Moto X has been it’s handling of software. It has never crashed on me. It always has enough memory for everything. I receive too many notifications and messages and installed most of my active apps here and Moto X has had no issues nor change in performance. 

I have had bad experiences with small phones enough times to expect upsets caused by all small phones and Moto X is smooth. It never fails to have finesse in all operations. The 16GB memory may not be much but saves soany headaches. The only complaint I have is loading at startup and that is not Moto X fault. Originally it was great but since was upgraded to 6.0.1 (I think. I am lazy to check again) Moto X needs about three minutes to load OS and apps and then go. That is unusual and I ignore it as a flaw. The phone is awesome.

I can fill pages in praise of a phone I like a lot so stop here by saying Moto X is a smooth (efficient) device for my purposes.


Moto X 1st Edition Part 1 -Size!

I have used my Moto X for several months and been so pleased that being time to upgrade the device simply because is time to try other devices I would like to share what may be there on this well-made device. 

There it is photographed sitting in my lap. 
Moto X has one peculiar feature that amuses me and other people don’t appreciate. It is really small. At 4.7″ screen the device is not that small historically but when compared to today’s screens it is small. It is interesting too. 

Personally because Moto X 1st Gen runs so well as a smartphone I designated it as my personal personal phone. It is so small it can be everywhere literally. The gym? A day in the wine country? Hiking? Anywhere less clothes and gear is better for you!  Even the places where nothing to carry is preferred and necessary hence huge Smartphones are not welcome as cargo Moto X 1st Gen can tag along. I really liked this quality in the 4.6 ounce handset. 

The small handsets usually have flaws or limitations. If they are small and weigh little then processor be slow or memory sucks or screen is not worth looking at for long or most of all cannot handle ALL of your apps well. That is where Moto X 1st Gen always impressed me. A very tiny phone obviously for folks who want their smartphone to be a “phone” not tablet that weighs nothing and has a super bright screen (notice this in all Google sponsored devices. The screen always is impressive even in a cheap Moto E) but has the 16GB of ROM and 2GB of RAM and a Dual-core 1.7 GHZ which really runs very smooth hence your apps as in your life can be accessed on this tiny device as would in a super phone with all its bells and whistles. 

Moto X 1st Gen is more than anything or at least in the first few impressions is a “small phone” and appeals or not to you but once the device gets used one will discover the advantages a deliberately manufactured to be small smartphone has over contemporary devices. There is yet more to share.