Who Needs Google Pixel???

Google Pixel gets announced today and who needs it? We have iPhone the answer to all of our technology questions, don’t we?

Who needs innovation? Who needs progress? Apple will “announce” it’s iPhone once a year and if we need more they will “tell” us? Domination may be a Chinese idea that came to America as part of the American belief that foreign places, things and people are so “great” and we can gain “great” things from them. This wrong idea has cost America so much and will. 

The basic idea if I remember correctly was when faced with various cultures instead of rejecting and accepting which the European tradition of superior and inferior (call it black and white locally) one ought to seek and embrace the good things in all cultures. Some cultures have nothing good to offer or their good may be poison to us? 

One product dominating was not the easy standard in America until Chinese were forced to follow US protocol of keeping what they earned from trade invested in US Government papers etc. That follows with now they can have a say in how America is run being stockholders in the corporation named America. 

This ideology is poison. I don’t have to write about how alternatives to domination can and will be. You can see an example here. Pixel is an All American product. Whatever it does or does not accomplish it has no intention of hurting other companies and products to get bigger and hold a bigger market niche. It represents advances in technology and advances in American business. We need big announcement dates such as Oct 4th Google announcements of many products so we can survive on this planet. 

Life built around one idea or products such as the Domination ideology and iPhone be so boring, stale and morbid it be like a Communist country to be around the place. One wishes to escape a place where everyone only has iPhones and everything else gets demolished so “One” can be the beginning and the end.

Welcome Google Pixel and October 4th 2016 prodocts announcements as a sign we are not dominated yet and whoever offers foreign countries options to own our economic and political system is a traitor and needs punishment.