The Best Thing Yet…

I agree! I am yet to try it but agree. The iPhone 7 Plus demo that I put into operation did demonstrate confusion as far as home button and I have to agree with news of what may go wrong.

I love the finger sensor of my Galaxy Note 5. I always hated pressing the home button so many times and dealing with swipe to unlock blah blah until only from curiosity I started using the fingerprint home button of Galaxy Note 5. It is the best thing that happened to me not so much for security but mostly that I touch and get to what I want. No swiping patterns or pressing. However, unless you position your finger as has been recorded and long enough it won’t work AND wet finger even slightly won’t do it. I may get to do it better over time but for now what is said about home button of iPhone 7 makes a lot of sense based on my way experiences on Galaxy Note 5 (which is probably a better phone. Lol.)