International Space Station LIVE

Recommended as top 10 Android finds last week with a whopping 10000 downloads. The reviews are very good if downloads are not much. Everyone loves it. I do too. For those times when your boring job like mine gets to be boring even by standards of a boring job. Take a look at view of Earth as ISS flies over live. 

Warning: at night is depressingly dark for those with seriously boring jobs worse than mine. Use during passes over day Earth or be disappointed. 


How To Be A World Ruler…

Photo cropped from Internet and not mine.

My favorite person in the whole world. Have no fear. Make the whole country have same haircut. There is politics for you. Why fake it. 28 websites? It probably feels just fine and normal in N Korea but from another place far away is so wrong and why do they put up with it! Again same here. United States population 500 million has 2 political parties. Yep. That feels so normal but from a distance other places would frown how do Americans put up with this b.s. How? They get used to it and eventually have no clue that a country cannot have two political parties AND represent the views and positions of its population. Same way nobody is alarmed about state of Internet in N Korea if you live there. American politicians cab learn from this man. Hillary has. She will contact the Aliens as soon as elected and settle this once and for all. That be equivalent of one haircut for whole country as N Korea does. Anybody else opting for political rule need to do likewise. One haircut makes for one Ruler. Alien meetings makes another? Anybody else wants to be rule the world. I read online Trump is a “celebrity businessman” and makes you think who is that in that photo up there. That is your Korean version of a “celebrity businessman.” He will nuke you if gets a chance and we have our own celebrity businessman here who will nuke them if gets his chance. Meeting with Aliens sounds like a good plan compared to alternatives.

Weekly Bundle of Joy

Promo stuff mixed with all kinds of stuff come and go. The flow is never-ending even when slows down. Every now and then someone asks to understand what promo deal is about. The philosophy of it and why and how does it make sense. The answer has changed overtime mostly to fit how long it takes to deliver it which is a waste of time. Today the answer be simple though many couldn’t grasp it. Almost everyone you meet at work is in part a product of our lousy educational system. That is not the point. The point is we learn what and why we do it through these years of activities known as education and extracurricular activities. The point is the system revolves around C student and graduate as in mediocre is what we are and is enough. This bundle marks how those working not at C grade level work. They need a lot of these come and go because life and work are complex. It cannot be used explained at C grade level easily or at all. 

They should have done yheir homeworks better and not been drunk during college always. It also shows USPS still got it. One of these a week is 52 a year and I get a lot more sometimes. They never fail to deliver both promos and the USPS. 

Moto X 1st Edition Part 1 -Size!

I have used my Moto X for several months and been so pleased that being time to upgrade the device simply because is time to try other devices I would like to share what may be there on this well-made device. 

There it is photographed sitting in my lap. 
Moto X has one peculiar feature that amuses me and other people don’t appreciate. It is really small. At 4.7″ screen the device is not that small historically but when compared to today’s screens it is small. It is interesting too. 

Personally because Moto X 1st Gen runs so well as a smartphone I designated it as my personal personal phone. It is so small it can be everywhere literally. The gym? A day in the wine country? Hiking? Anywhere less clothes and gear is better for you!  Even the places where nothing to carry is preferred and necessary hence huge Smartphones are not welcome as cargo Moto X 1st Gen can tag along. I really liked this quality in the 4.6 ounce handset. 

The small handsets usually have flaws or limitations. If they are small and weigh little then processor be slow or memory sucks or screen is not worth looking at for long or most of all cannot handle ALL of your apps well. That is where Moto X 1st Gen always impressed me. A very tiny phone obviously for folks who want their smartphone to be a “phone” not tablet that weighs nothing and has a super bright screen (notice this in all Google sponsored devices. The screen always is impressive even in a cheap Moto E) but has the 16GB of ROM and 2GB of RAM and a Dual-core 1.7 GHZ which really runs very smooth hence your apps as in your life can be accessed on this tiny device as would in a super phone with all its bells and whistles. 

Moto X 1st Gen is more than anything or at least in the first few impressions is a “small phone” and appeals or not to you but once the device gets used one will discover the advantages a deliberately manufactured to be small smartphone has over contemporary devices. There is yet more to share.

Reflection 1 09-21-2016

A tech blog can be a place for many and many types of pieces of information. My tech blogs in the past and including this one have had the objective of inputting my views on what tech topic was on hand. The fact that some in the industry liked and used these inputs is something that was not planned but regardless of which blog and what topic I held to the idea that blog posts are a place to push my views which in reality repesented many others and to the industry the views of a chunk of the Market hence adopted. The course of info in this blog be same as before with minor.changes. I limit each post to one aspect of a topic hence posts can be short but include a larger number of pieces of information. 

Revenge Blog?

Little Man Technology is the third blog in Little Man series of blogs. The official name is The Return of Dr. Evil and it’s sub-name is “A Technology Blog.” All of this has clear meaning to insiders of the industry for whom these blogs are authored while the average person will question what the heck is going on and what does all this mean? Well, it is a long story. The Dr. Evil and his return was suggested by some concerned folks whom were amused by the explanation for creation of this blog. The great author herein refered as Dr. Evil so the losers who came up with this title are happy and also gwt to experience that this kind of insults does some of us no harm has stated when asked what this technology blog is about that “it is a Revenge Blog.” It was later explained how a technology blog is a good place to take revenge against the persons and products one dislikes hence the title Revenge Blog is most apt and others choose to call the author Dr. Evil for his unkind perspective on technology. This blog serves to keep the author happy and pleased with self at the expense of persons and products that are not liked by him. The identity of the author is not available mostly because working for a technology company one is expected to note affiliations for the obvious bias when discussing the competition. The answer to any objections to this anonymity be “shuuuut uuuup.” Revenge Blog can include bias and no need to include the idea of impartiality. We are here to “give it to them” as tech people would say. Apple gives it to America how many times a day and you think they are your friends? It is a tech thing. You still dont get it. Let’s put it this way our good pals at a tech company named after a fruit today launched their War Room to deal with the rising problem of Evil and so on. This comes before any attacks on them. They are worried that witty comments in support of Galaxy Note 7 will be costly sooner or later and are ready for damage control for their products. Oh well, that is enough for one post.