Future Is Bright (First Draft)


Same darn building and I had shot it before but when others are intrigued by the clouds in the glass you see it again. 

There is Progress for you. The word as of a month ago has been that Oakland is declared (Certified! An inside joke on the White House….) 100% good to go and can begin fixing up expecting no unusual surprises ahead. That is huge in terms of quality of life. One of the biggest issue with this project was not to ruin the lives of whoever lived around here for a long time and give everything to a bunch of “White People” (this is long before the current regime in DC) move in and take everything just when is worth something.

The clouds in the glass may be a very limited view of Oakland today but will expand and is not a project of Real Estate victory but quality of life. 

That will have problems of all kinds thanks to nature or man. I was recently in Palo Alto and is same as was a few months ago but for our today argument a long time ago East Palo Alto (exists and a lot of people live there though American culture labels them as non-existent just like Oakland was once labeled there is no there …. ) was not a city and had this crazy project. They wanted to turn a parcel of land into what would be a small business park with offices. Then some businesses in need of the proximity would move there and East Palo Alto claimed they finally had a “tax base” and City of Palo Alto fought so hard to stop it. Today is years later and clouds in the glass can appear without bother from neighbors for all kinds of good or bad reasons.  

Oakland has passed the babysitting stage. Never mind the details but luck is on it’s side now.

That also brings us to a story far from here. State Department doesn’t want debates on this topic because is very complex and they will complain soon somebody found a way to stick the topic inside another topic even if told not to. 

Will the Kurds see the clouds in the glass one day? That is the silent debate. The details can be found in the news and let’s face it everyone loves to attack them and have some victory. They also have the potential for power a requirement of Independence hence many fear such thoughts. 

Their babysitting days have begun. Enclosed inside hostile, backward and violent so-called nation’s the idea of change will find many difficulties. The most basic step however was taken. They made an open statement that they exist. The road from nothing to a developed country is far and dangerous as many find out. East Palo Alto won’t travel that road again and Oakland just finished the babysitting part of it’s travel and hardly anyone even knows. The Kurds have just began. 

The babysitting era means a lot of help finds you by luck. 

As of last week, in follow up to attacks by Iraq the babysitters attacked Iraq in a symbolic gesture. Iraq has taken the subtle (politically goes unannounced) attacks on it’s electronic capabilities into consideration. Russians have peculiar approaches to problems and nobody likes a surprise especially when hostile. The good folks in the ill-repute land of Turkey (has the worst history of probably any country for centuries dating to literally today on human rights anywhere they get to) are marked to be next if needed and the regional super-power Iran (with it’s huge number of weak spots) has been promised as soon as the Regime in DC changes (everyone put their energy there for now) they get at least one attack to remember not to attack minorities and the penalty is not because of attacks made or to be made but because they make these elaborate stories and justifications why attacking whom and where is justified. Neither Turkey nor Iran have attacked the Kurds in this conflict but present many elaborate arguments why they have a right to. After the damage they will change their arguments.

Babysitting allows opportunities to arise. 

The French have been very supportive of Kurds as a “people” historically and expected to invest in the “people” there. Germans volunteered recently (means viciously fought to get the job or duty of) to ensure Syria is rebuilt based on Code on random local practices. It is needless to say in a less developed country the idea of standards as building codes, electrical codes, and so on (architecture? What is that?) hardly exist. The Kurds can expect the same. The Code? Welcome to the developed world. 

And that is key point in the general idea that Civilization requires a great deal of work. Deciding to be and live as people (with better standards of life) is a long way from happening by itself. That is why babysitting is a legitimate diplomatic and military duty. 

And State Department doesn’t want to get into this mess. An entire country appearing overnight when we have so many deals going with so many people (countries?) around there. America may be big on economy and military but diplomatically is another story. Others are pushing the baby-sitting agenda. Kurds will have a country but a lot of times the cart goes before the horse! Sometimes it becomes developed long before it becomes independent. The development is sheltered and supported by it’s government which they lack due to history so babysitting is trying way to go. And the answer is yes people will come from far away armed to kill you and your family just because you want to live better and more comfortably. And the stories they tell why they may. Those stories and arguments are as criminal as any bona fide acts of violence.

The babysitting will continue. Russians are very big in some areas and not topic here but they definitely babysit here. The political situation has been pacified and the highest diplomat the Kurds have is resigning to visit other countries and use diplomacy. Building a country requires huge commitments and investment. There is a line of volunteers out there to meet.

And it should be mentioned here also (which State Department would appreciate) another relevant development. 

The story is old and goes as did before. Long time ago the Israelies used to run their mouth a lot and finally one day they headed to Iran. As long distance from there a battle cost both sides several airplanes and the myth of “we attack you” died there. More important at that exact time EU sent envoys to Iran and started funding to keep things going. It is years later and Iran has been a good security guard of their side of Middle East. As of two weeks ago French demanded that Iran move it’s Middle East Command (what EU supports to keep peace in Persian Gulf) to Syria and it actually did happen and has been verified. The effect? The myth of Israel “will attack everyone and anyone” on this side of Middle East will die slowly also. Let’s not forget how these countries will do their own action in the guise of somebody else is in charge and doing it. 

The rebuilding of Syria and Kurdistan is expected to vary from traditional recoveries. It will be a leap through time and is both about people and places. Will the “White People” of the area try to move in and take Everything as soon as starts to turn good as Oakland almost experienced? 

The word is had Kurds became independent the entire Kurdish population of Iran would relocate there which Iran didn’t like. That contradicts tales of the great country is run there. An entire ethnic minority leaves? The emphasis is on 100% in this report making it interesting and upsetting. And Saudi are very interested in Syrian peace and rebuilding AFTER the Middle East Command moved there. The word is they will stop worrying for good the Israelies can do whatever they want. Who will move when things get better? The people who lived there. And again word is Lebanese and Palestinean hope for economic upgrades then. 

Babysitting is a cool diplomatic duty. It can happen here in Oakland or in far places. It is rewarding work if and when get to the end of the babysitting era. Oakland is well-off now and I don’t think anybody here has a clue what any of this means hence in need of “development.” And it only begins overseas. And babysitting by nature includes outsiders as Lebanese and Palestinean in this case. 

The key element of babysitting is the babysitters must have the ability and be willing to inflict incredible harm without much ceremony. It is like protecting your kids form wild animals. It has to get done. There is very little talk around and about it. And same goes for countries or the ones-to-be. 

And for the record, countries such as United States are incapable of babysitting and doing good because of corruption in their systems. US military is part Mercenary and part legitimate personnel in that area as an example. 


Tomorrow Is The Big Day. 

As you can see above October 31st also known as Halloween is THE last opportunity in the Samsung Pay slash Galaxy Note 8 promo to rack up points. I think 500 points is the reward. Nice going. That teaches a lesson to those losers at AAPL to compete by contributing not taking as much as they can. AAPL Reward Points is an economic MUST need for all the AAPL device users. And does not exist? What kind of country would let a company steal so much (they all do) and give back so little. And giving back is not done based on company criteria. It is based on Market criteria. We Samsung and Android users are spoiled and feel the poor and neglected AAPL users need our support and comaraderie. Give them something. Don’t forget the top top man in our government is both a Samsung and Android user and doesn’t have a good reputation if you know what I mean. We could appeal to him to reach out to the neglected AAPL victims. Do the right thing and give them Reward Points or face the music. 

Jigsaw The Movie 2017 (First Draft and I don’t care to clean it up.)

It is only 90 minutes.

Some complain when watching some movies. I happened to watch Saw III etc on Netflix (or at least tried to watch them) but got so many complaints from our partner teams who shadow what we do. They didn’t want to watch SAW anything. I fail to understand what is not to like about two strangers waking up chained up in a public bathroom puzzler what is next. America loves them movies. And shouldn’t we?

Jigsaw had very strong “draw” for someone who has nothing to do on a Monday. It showed at 11 am at $5.75 and here is the best part it was only 90 minutes. Jigsaw stood up ad the “most watchable” against all the rest that come up when we do Google search of Showtimes Near Me. And next time I ask Google Assistant to help with this search. Let’s see what else can go wrong with help of multi-million dollar AI. 

The General Formula for finding better movies was met in this case. The formula requires the length of the show, the cost, the time of the show and this one had an extra bonus that made it watchable. Given the 90 minute Showtime we only needed half as much snacks as a normal movie which is a plus.

On the intellectual side, I did read through the top ranking online review of Jigsaw by Hollywood something. It didn’t say bad things and the writer did mention “something” he or she liked about the movie. It was so good I already forgot his point. That is all I was looking for. Anything good even one thing to watch the movie? Yes, there was. 

And honestly Jigsaw was done well. I liked it. And you get to enjoy gory body part details almost as long as you want. Check out the sawed-off brain. Wow. Is this a good movie or what. 

Jigsaw was nothing like other Saw movies. It is not disgusting. It is not scary. It is not annoying. I don’t think any of the writers had psychological problems as the Saw writers may have had. It is a clean horror movie and there had been six years since last one but probably be more. 

The only thing I didn’t like was the ending. It was not good. I was about to notice for the last time that “what is with those tight ass jeans on a big dude” when confessions began. It was all lost then. It does bring to memory a fine article (that I didn’t read) on my Tabloid screen saver app about Hollywood being run by gay mafia. That may explain the jean effect. I don’t see any other reasons. I hope next Saw or Jigsaw is done as well but has a few less flaws. And I think Hollywood needs to incorporate more real life political facts into Horror Genre. Let’s say top Leaders of a country we know secretly tourchers his opposition or at least publicly approves of. That is true today, isn’t it? We will find out in the movie and loosen up the jeans please.

And one final note since we are on Jigsaw. There had been a recent complaint about a certain IQ test given to staff of a certain government agency and how the big cheese organized it and failed it too (this better not be fake tabloid news. I found it believable) and I like to suggest for the next I test they do there to grab the Wikipedia under Jigsaw and reprint The Plot of the movie. I think 5 but 10 probably be more fun or fair multiple questions to test IQ this second attempt. Anybody who can remember the details under The Plot has great memory and I think we can credit something to IQ also. It is fascinating read. See Jigsaw. It meets The Formula requirements of Watchable Movies. 

Always Listen To Your Leadership… (2nd Draft)

I always do. And get lucky.

One of the high points of living in a democracy is we have leaders. Then there are those whiners who talk how America is a Republic and not a Democracy but we Americans know it pays to ignore technical stuff therefore we live in a Democracy not that Republic stuff and this is a clear case of why America ignores.

In this case, you remember the teachings of one of our esteemed Leaders of recent on Coupons and Rewards points! Here is the proof of his wisdom and knowledge. 

Using techniques only known to very top “Leaders” taught to us “small people” to also succeed we have this wonderful laptop (5 lbs? A little heavy but we never complain if a good deal) at about $100.  

15.6″ (they taught me in college not to start a sentence with a number hence you have it…) and 500 GB and AMD Processor (same as Intel to me) and some 600 happy reviews later this $279 (before tax and recycling fee) device drops to $229 thanks to a $50 Reward Credit (that I made them reissue and is by the way the last time I shop there unless everything is free) and $75 from a company founded by Thomas Edison (and still has Telegraph in it’s name) as Deal Points and finally what do you know it is still October which gave me a 10% birthday discount. 

I paid a sum a little over $100 of real money. Is that successful or what? And only because we listen to our Leaders even if they lecture on the cryptic topic of Coupons and Reward Points! Whatever they are we take them and we always listen. 

I need a dedicated laptop just for Continuing Education learning. It is here and as an interesting side point the occasion coincided with advice from someone in our executive level not to tell anyone a whole device can be just for job learning. As life is many we know and work with couldn’t learn jack and resort to all manners of evil to remain the standard (man is measure of all things?) for what it means to be qualified for their jobs. God forbid learning and the ability to learn becomes a qualification for jobs in America. That would be so unAmerican and must be stopped…… I am safe. I won’t tell anyone why I got a whole laptop…. And you shouldn’t tell. You listen to your Leadership and get lucky every time. 

Thank You Google Assistant!

That is what Halloween custom is thanks to Google Assistant and it’s quiz. I guess it would help if I read the questions and I think the Assistant knows nobody pays attention. Notice the last question: Do I want to take the quiz AGAIN? why because I winged it?

The more interesting came up when trying to find the “freaky clown “custom to buy on ebay. I picked the friendliest suggestion Ebay had:

All freaky clowns come armed on Ebay.

Thank you Google Assistant! I think I skip Halloween 2017. 

Garbage Drinks

Ought to be banned…

Humans have reached such a low point in their existence that life is worth living by consumption of Energy Drinks. They ought to be banned.

What happened to the good old Caffeine Pills. They work great except there is no fun effects. One pill equals one cup of coffee without the teeth stain or the $3 price tag. However this fantastic remedy for all human ailements is hidden by corporation. Try and find Caffeine Pills. Walmart will barely ship to you. I have enough to last me a year because so hard to get.

Caffeine Pills? You can spend a fortune on Energy Drinks because Caffeine Pills are so hard to get. They should be brought back as the solution to “all problems” not Energy Drinks as THE solution. 

Ban Energy Drinks. Bring back Caffeine Pills. It is all in the head anyway. Placebo number one or two. The second one does less harm. 

How Hard Is It? (First Draft)

It is that time…

It is time to learn to use Google Assistant. The politically correct way to be an Android user? The last few times I tried or opened Assistant they were followed by short surveys. I don’t mind but the questions bring the memory of good old American Way back. 

Once upon a time in America you had to be politically correct in America always. This extended to everything down to what you eat, where you live, what you drive and what you say. Historically this is known as Conformity and Americans are so submissive the general opinion has been anything bad happening to them is a good thing because so much evil results from this blind obedience. The other day I was at store and this middle age security guard was shopping food and her shoes sucked and had no laces. I almost started talking to her so may be I can buy her some shoes. Some of us are trained in economic trick systems and can get super deals. That passed but later she was getting into her car and became obvious. She cannot have decent shoes because she has sold her soul to popular culture. Anything to fit in? I buy the car and won’t eat or have clothes as long as everyone gives the thumb up I am ok? That is the good old American story AND people used to be told “hint hint” when off track: How often do you use Google Assistant? The weather is nice today but are you sure you know how to use Google Assistant? After a few “hints” everyone got the idea. And I get it too. Google Assistant “thinks” like a “company man” and will send someone to “hint” you what the company wants you to be doing hint hint if you know what is good for you economically. Ok, I get it. I am Google Assistant user. No problem there. But how do I use it beyond hello and how are you? Nobody cares. Just use it so company is pleased with you…

This piece is a joke and not a serious critique of Google Assistant.