The Fall of Black Friday…

The yellow is caused by reading blue filter. Enjoy it for free.

It is that time.

Thanksgiving ahead again and that brings us to Black Friday again! It is officially dead though. I think three years ago in one of my dandy blogs I foresaw and suggested Black Friday be celebrated regularly by offering crazy discounts more than once a year since was dying and served little purpose. That does happen online here and there. Just about every idea out there gets used or tried by merchants and Black Friday hype sales are ordinary now. What is significant is Black Friday is dead. 

This year our dead tradition probably kicks off on Monday before Thanksgiving and goes beyond the traditional weekend-after since Friday be a bore. We will see. Regardless, it is time to pull up the good old ads that start to show soon and get them deals. And you don’t have to worry since Black Friday is dead the stores won’t run of Specials. The only exception will be Walmart. People will be killed as usual on Black Friday. That tradition has not died I forsee. 

Let’s go shopping. 

They don’t have power in Puerto Rico till next year and half a dozen wars are raging overseas but our Greatness lies in not ever having stopped to do important things like shopping because Rome is burning. 

Enjoy the discounts and the Administration will figure out how to make holidays miserable for probably an entire class of people based on race, sex, age, religion, country of origin and the rest of that Liberal list. America is not Great unless somebody is hurting preferably as a class of people. And when it does it is that good old American feeling that “always happens to them and not to us” because we are Great. Celebrate Greatness and don’t you kneel or anything in the store. Only celebrate or penalties will follow.


History Repeats?

Is a new iPhone coming any time soon? Let’s say October 27th?

This is an Apple tradition? From the very first iPhone release to this day the arrival of a “new iPhone” (8 and 7 and 6 are same and low risk launches hence only new in advertising) always coincides with “interesting” problems for the competition phone. Only in America such incredible good luck happens to time itself for the sake of the new American product? Google is not American? They are not sure-bet investment for big investors with lots of worthless US dollar to bury somewhere. Google experiments a lot. Apple is all business. One release a year and collect money the rest of the year is their business plan and dare you release a product that upsets this All American event. From Blackberry messenger magically going haywire back when Blackberry was THE competition to phones that mysteriously catch on fire when Samsung is THE competition this tradition must uphold. This year Samsung was under watch not to fall victim to the American Way and it’s traditions. Some of us need these products and use them. And guess what somebody had to pay. Pixel XL? Must be that time of the year. 

Apple is a second rate company now to insiders and fights like hell not to let this become a public belief. Competition burns Apple everytime a new device is released. Keep up appearances or lose market share. What else is there to this great technology battle. 

If this country had law and order companies would be protected from criminals claiming to be “businesses.”

Electronic ID Card??

It works. Thanks to Starbucks 50% solution (only half the machines even at same location can do it but definitely better than many others) we now enter the era of Smartphone as wallet.

And once again thanks to Galaxy Note 10 we can write all over stuff and then share them. 

And here is what I have been forgetting day in day out. The nice folks at State have been asking that a new topic be introduced. This is the age of electronic all kinds of things and since bank cards can now work from inside a cellphone they want electronic ID cards residing inside smartphones. Apparently fingerprint verification is needed to make such ID work but is good enough to solve the State ID dilemma. I finally remembered to mention it. 

What this country is a good five cent cigar? A President said that back when Presidents were real. The country was not that big or populated. Everything was slow and could control it with a funny government. Today? Fraud also known as corruption also known as American business also known as…. is the way to run things. The idea of a man called President or a bunch of people called Congress all of whom are also on somebody’s payroll or owned by someone managing even their own offices not to mention the country is a joke.

Do we need electronic ID? I have no idea. I do remember reading no less than 40+ documents are used to verify legal residency in US. They are called ID all of them the article said. And the good folks at the State want Smartphones that handle fingerprints also verify identity as accepted by State, the Federal Government and who knows Passports one day? Again the little Passport Cards (should cost $20 but is it $300?) have spy gears inside. The official story is when approaching the port of arrival (why do I think water when I read that?) the ID transmits “vital” information helping the authorities “prepare” for the arrival? We are getting close to a time when public will look for alternatives to being citizens just to survive this crazy system. And why not have ID in Smartphones? General Uncle would authorize it. He has appeared in all recent posts here and finally complaints are being made “damn it, people ask who is General Uncle?” Well, he is what some in Federal Government get when they are NOT NICE to some known troublemakers of the academia. He magically appears in literature upsetting the “official” portions of our government. Let’s just say General Uncle and these folks have a past. Someone cussed the other ones a lot and nobody seems to have forgot. He would have authorized Smartphone ID apps. The State want it. Who is to say no. As long as doesn’t cost $300 to download it why not. Somehow we know how little it will do but hey it is written and published. We wish you luck implementing your ID.

PS. Electronic ID that is very hard to use addresses many problems. Most obvious one is identity theft. The idea is an electronic ID exists so the print versions are not available for fraud. Obviously, the well-to-do are the most obvious beneficiary of such system but has more uses.

The Afterlife….


Halloween is around the corner. That reminds me of the best Halloween movie I saw last year. It was Halloween 15 or something like that. The terror part was extremely well-done but got kinda hushed after an initial shine because word was the movie was also recognized for it’s unbelievable effectiveness in generating genuine fear by some as how it felt to be an Iraqi when American military was in operation. The Army of Freddies doing above and beyond hurting defenseless? It was hushed after that and under Trump it probably a crime to show or watch that episode of Halloween. I don’t remember the exact sequel number.

And the Afterlife. Questions of Afterlife rise mostly when life is hard. At times of war and extreme despair alternate realities are formed as escape to the unbelievable realities? I am recognized by many top persons in the film industry for having a knack to find really bad movies. This extends into finding faults within so-called better movies and some don’t like this “critique” advantage. That is another topic but for the record you should see a solid movie about America saves Iraquis in the mentioned sequel of Halloween. That is NOT a bad movie. Alexander probably is. The custom he wears in the poster on Netflix is enough to tell the rest. I would say slightly oversized for an armor (if you have an eye for faults) summarizes the rest. It is brought up here as an example. When Alexander did his so-called conquests he literally killed everyone. Sounds like Freddie again. In the aftermath of these unbelieve losses of life a huge number of people turned to a Cult of Afterlife popular then. I think Isys was the name. You can read your history. Wikipedia? Written by persons like yours truly? That will be very unbiased but is all you got. Lol.

In a real life example during the years of Cold War and afterwards US Intelligence community had huge losses and possibly in part because of the myth of young General Uncle having been taken to the Afterlife through a portal and brought back some 10 hours later there was some interest in exploring the Afterlife. 

US Intelligence community has all kinds of weird experiments and programs. This is one. A network of reliable psychics worldwide were organized for this program and whenever someone of interest died inquiries were made. These folks couldn’t share knowledge and would know too little about the deceased to cheat. Results get documented and life goes on. Anything good? Michael Jackson is in hell say the psychics or at least records say after his death he had to say when asked where he was “it is dark and very bad.” We had another dude who apparently was worse than anyone knew. He was interesting. He was accompanied by two terrible entities (I guess you call demon) and was taken from terrible places of fire, pain and so on to other ones endlessly. That was interesting. This experiment continues. Is there an Afterlife? 

The following paragraph was part of the original piece but was censored so is in brackets and you don’t see it. Admit you don’t and more censored content will appear before you. All you got to do is say I never saw. What paragraph.

[Trump has been there. When he was beginning to get crushed by the media in the last leg of the election he saw into the abyss. Witnesses say some get that far and realize “I can get betrayed by this many at the same time?” And look into the psychic space that is manifested and armies of demons (reporters and media personalities) are coming from every direction. That won him the election. He looked into the abyss. Others go “mommy” and run. Trump looked astonished “this is real?”]

Afterlife does exist and is a fun place. 

Will They Pay? Will They Pay?

And Samsung Pay shall conquor? 

I have to do 40 transactions on Samsung Pay to keep 4X points status. That is ok. I cannot say is hard. McDonalds is very reliable for Pay transactions. I see here Burger King has got new machines with big Pay logos but not working yet. The world is changing? 

How many McDonalds or Burger transactions do I do to rack up points?

Starbucks however is useful. Most of my HITS come from Starbucks and that is considering only 50% of the machines work. Half of the places I go to can process and the rest cannot. Walgreens did one the other day too. It was the first time she had seen Pay. The cashier said. And this is the future?

As long as the points and rewards keep coming life is good. I am on the last leg of my fight with Best buy now. They ran a promo from August 1-31st to get a $50 reward card for spending $500 on their stupid card outside Best buy. Long story short, all done and gone and even paid off $800+ and they claim issued the Rewards on August 9th and expired September 9th. That is an interesting promo to pay off secretly not even 10 days before ends and expires right when you are thinking of when do they send me my points. This is the world of points and rewards. 

A new subsection of economy like gambling and day trading where you cheat not to pay money later  and they cheat  not to pay points when later comes. And when you win bystanders say “that is same as ripping the store off.” 

However, you can win and that is THE point.

Will I ever see my $50? My complaint case has a final note today that I am NOT shopping at Bestbuy any more. Will I see my $75 from Bank of America? You know what happens if I don’t.

Reward points are the new currency of our strange economy. Popularlized by Barack Obama once a President as “good” they remain valuable if can get them. 

Will Samsung Pay succeed? Apple Pay sucked. Android Pay is a joke. And Samsung Pay? Well. Samsung is doing something right. 

The wireless carriers found out not long ago in an industry void of new customers and marked by migrations of customers in millions every quarter to the competition, and hopefully back to them one day, the only action (besides hundreds of thousands of fake activated lines they carry on paper as legit subscribers before the law and the market just like WFC opened fake bank accounts in millions not long ago and nobody knew) that helps in one case stay above $38 billion of debt or in another case hide weak finances behind healthy income from your Ghetto prepaid brand would be to Pay average ordinary people to switch to the label. 

Here is $650 or less we give you to change service and don’t pay your carrier what you owe.

That is how Samsung Pay will beat Apple Pay and Android Pay. Samsung must Pay and points are every bit as good as money in our messed up economy. Collecting the points is another story. 

Will they pay? Will they pay? Reminds me of Marathon Man. Tooth nerve torture to get an honest answer to “Is it safe? Is it safe?” 

Those who pay stay in business. That is the difference between companies. Those whom don’t? Apple? Google? 

The sun did set on the British Empire and will it set on you? Pay before it is too late. We want reward points.

Our President is a big surprise. Our lifestyles are unbelievable by human history standards. And our economy? Our economy is Reward-point driven today.

Good thing a large denomination paper bill is coming. And you thought you knew everything. 

The first debate was whose photo goes on the bill. General Uncle was first person to get laughed off the list and Trump got no laughs obviously. Obama was not even mentioned and Hillary? That is an UnPresident but did get us Statute of Liberty as the best candidate for this whopping $500 bill. 

Two formats. Registered serial numbers backed by gold, and other valuables so is really a bond too for those whom cash is the only way to save. Unregistered bills floats as cash replacing so much worthless paper we call money. Why? $100 bill is a joke and no need to consider the smaller ones. That is an economy that has Reward-points as currency. Shady? Our currency is shady as gets. Backed by nothing. Issued in endless quantities. Also issued  fake by other countries and good as the real ones. You can have gray currency such as Reward Points when your real money sucks so bad.

Pay as in Pay with capital P or else. We want our points. Pay or face the music.

PS. Claims in this post are not endorsed by US Dept of Treasury because they don’t know until told. 

The Remake of IT (A Non-Political Commentary)

And I saw IT.

After all the commotion in the media it had to be watched sooner or later. I don’t really know what my opinion is. It was good I guess.

The original IT was a bona fide story (Stephen King WROTE it and was not manifactured to fit a formula) and as the story was told one felt it. This IT is a “designed” piece. I don’t think the story had a definite Protagonist as was done in 2017. That made it interesting too. The flow of the story was not obvious as one searches for the lead person and what to expect. All the characters were strong. It is funny I am in Chinatown surrounded by and none of the kids in the movie were Chinese. Racist movie?

The characters in our movies today are representative of whom we want to watch in the movie hence males and females, blondes and brunettes, variety of races and to be politically correct (the mentioned are no longer for diversity) we have variety of sexual orientations too AND always all of them appear in the cast. 

The story of IT is from another era so to sell it in Asia they added a Chinese (if he is not from China then I am definitely racist for calling all Asians Chinese, right? You are so smart) Cinematographer. He is supposed to be good and his name pops very strategically in the opening credits too (China number one deal with State Department requires this?)

The bathroom scene was good (yes many scenes are borrowed from other movies but was done very well) and details of Pennywise features available for fun and slow perusing were done well also. 

Most horror movies delay or hide the scary stuff until a major effect. IT shows off Pennywise (maybe because everyone knows the story of IT so well) in wrinkles, drolls and skin spots for as long as you care to look at them. The camera is in no rush to leave  IT. 

Politics wins again. China was represented in IT even if the original story wouldn’t let them in.

And I did read a review on IT also prior to viewing. I had recently asked about the fastest way to catch up in wine tastings because I am a few vintages behind and best advice I got was to read on the wines I be tasting and in no time will be known as an arrogant Sommelier again. I do the same for the movies because I am a few sequels behind. 

Telegraph had the highest Google standing and “appeared” as THE review on IT when searched. It was OK. The review did not say one good thing about IT though there was no bashing either UNTIL the very last sentence when credit was given for bringing the characters to life successfully. 

I learned that in college. If the content is not worth reading in a publication ALWAYS read the last sentence (if not pragraph) for something worth reading. This review had a one sentence admittance as the last sentence that basically had a different tone than the entire review AND said IT was good. 

Newspaper articles about war and politics are good for this too. You read an entire biased article and at the very end is mindbugling to also read what sounds like “everything just read were lies or 40% true etc.” How it is expressed may vary but the last sentence is always interesting. And that is a good reason to read Tabloids and not big news. RAW stories as called can be “interesting” and worth reading. The other stuff is so controlled that kills you to read the damn thing.

And let’s not forget the political joke of the day on IT also that the kids here are in fact a young Clinton, Bush and Obama, Trump and Hillary who meet General Uncle (Pennywise the clown that lives to scare the shit out of everyone or as he says “lives off the fear”) in their younger days. Things don’t get better when they grow up some may say.

IT is good to watch. The movie definitely moves though has nothing to say you don’t already know about the movie. It is a remake and is made for an audience expected to know way too much about the movie except for the warning to Trump not to mess with General Pennywise. Pennywise only LOOKS like whatever Trump wants him to look like. He is a totally different breed than “imagined.” Ask Hillary. She learned well the hard way “I lost the election??? But it is fixed. How can it be lost? IT)