The Return of Dr. Evil…

The technology revenge blog continues. It only took one day after the last blog of similar content was password locked as this no longer is needed and same stuff returned right away and cynics named it Dr. Evil Returns. Well, he is back and he ain’t Dr. Evil. He is the best friend you never had. Who else would know and dare tell you for instance today is second day of National Security sweep operations nationwide. The ops expected to reach climax by middle of next week and everyone will get a piece publicly. They call the man Dr. Evil because would tell you or as NY Times once said “we know same information but is classified and cannot share” and not fair that Dr. Evil does it and great NY Times have to be careful. Then again classified is basically defined as what is bad for our interests in government. Dr. Evil is here. He is supposed to be reporting technology but as his advisor told him or whispered him “anything popular culture” is good. That is to regain old reputation via Hollywood. They sell pop culture in as many forms and good or bad talk is same to them so mud slinging can happen in a tech blog. Politics is about interests and pure fraud so fits pop culture under fiction. The current ops were to end by weekend next. However is said a second round begins then. Dr. Evil has no complaints. As Russians put it Evil was unhappy because pure military ops don’t gain in political warfare theater when secret so adjustments have been made and political scores will be gained too. Evil likes political scores. Enjoy the nice weather!!!!!

The Last American Taboo

I never thought I see this. An article about noise on trains. The most unAmerican topic there is. Noise. Industry creates many things and most immediate pollution we are taught to ignore is noise. I wear plugs. I even have a $200 Audio Technica Noise Cancelling Headphone (paid $50 at Best Buy’s using reward points and proc matching good old Walmart etc.) The majority of population wouldn’t dare. Acknowledging noise is equal to saying close all businesses and no jobs. They are so afraid to acknowledge we are drowning in noise. Tourists don’t know this. You see them covering their ears at turns etc. Noise is a problem. It is a secret. Point it out and you could be ruining many lives. Ignore it and America gets to brag is the greatest country. No wonder is ignored. They put you jail for bashing American things too. Oh yeah. What noise!!! 

International Space Station at Night! Nice

It is a great view. Mostly because was such a slow day and you find out people work with are garbage and do terrible things to other people who cannot fight back especially of they are women then is always okay and what is the loss? What goes around comes around and this country has shit for corporations. I was reading about the stock review done by an analyst and half of the article was about the credibility and reputation of analyst himself mostly because he said the stock was good for nothing in spite of huge improvements in the company and they needed his credibility file to support his stand etc. You have to work for corporate America to know what they deserve. Avoid the stock is the least that can be done and funny thing is since this blog started we keep getting messages who is worried what damage eventually befalls their company because of likes of us. They do to themselves. Fire those pieces of shit that deserves it not people who cannot fight back. Imagine if a lowly woman could fight back what they would do. Here, yours truly is mildly upset and all of this is distant news but I would kick you in the nuts so hard you would know your deeds. No wonder analysts love to close old companies. The culture demands it as much as economy does. On the other hand, there is the view from ISS passing over Central America. Life can be real good too.

This Is All 90% of People Need?

A little-known brand name in this market. Devices of above-average quality with reasonable prices? And much more. The bottom line is 90% of population need no more than a device such as Blu Life One X2. I didn’t bother to read the post and why should I? 4 GB RAM. People complain why Chinese market gets Galaxy Note 7 with 6 GB RAM and we don’t? America needs mediocre. Watch Tucker again. You may not go above standards. Conformity demands average standards. I forget the name of the movie but Johnny Depp was a CIA agent in Mexico and claimed he went from restaurant to restaurant tasting a specific dish. They were all mediocre. If found one that was exceptionally good he would go to the kitchen and shoot the chef or as he put it “maintained the balance.” Averages or what we can call mediocre in America is preserved in Mexican culture. You go read on it. That is not topic here but America borrows too. Shoot the chef to stop him or her? Blow up the above average smartphone to stop standards from rising? These questions can go endlessly and when American standards get preserved in the future by “maintaining the balance” the same questions can rise again. A no-name phone with features above average slipping in through the system unnoticed is all most Americans need. Devices such as iPhone built aroud averages will be hallmark of American culture and we be told again this is “the best” and if there is better it will get shot or blows up somehow hence we be back to the “safe” products we are sold. No wonder they launch it on or around September 11th! Nothing is on minds more than “security” and worrying about inadequacies about that time AND viola new “security blanket” of the year gets unveiled. You can get the same and more for less if you live in other countries or avoid brands that get noticed? Until they “notice” you are doing it and balance be in jeopardy again….

International Space Station LIVE

Recommended as top 10 Android finds last week with a whopping 10000 downloads. The reviews are very good if downloads are not much. Everyone loves it. I do too. For those times when your boring job like mine gets to be boring even by standards of a boring job. Take a look at view of Earth as ISS flies over live. 

Warning: at night is depressingly dark for those with seriously boring jobs worse than mine. Use during passes over day Earth or be disappointed. 

How To Be A World Ruler…

Photo cropped from Internet and not mine.

My favorite person in the whole world. Have no fear. Make the whole country have same haircut. There is politics for you. Why fake it. 28 websites? It probably feels just fine and normal in N Korea but from another place far away is so wrong and why do they put up with it! Again same here. United States population 500 million has 2 political parties. Yep. That feels so normal but from a distance other places would frown how do Americans put up with this b.s. How? They get used to it and eventually have no clue that a country cannot have two political parties AND represent the views and positions of its population. Same way nobody is alarmed about state of Internet in N Korea if you live there. American politicians cab learn from this man. Hillary has. She will contact the Aliens as soon as elected and settle this once and for all. That be equivalent of one haircut for whole country as N Korea does. Anybody else opting for political rule need to do likewise. One haircut makes for one Ruler. Alien meetings makes another? Anybody else wants to be rule the world. I read online Trump is a “celebrity businessman” and makes you think who is that in that photo up there. That is your Korean version of a “celebrity businessman.” He will nuke you if gets a chance and we have our own celebrity businessman here who will nuke them if gets his chance. Meeting with Aliens sounds like a good plan compared to alternatives.