Weekend Begins…


VoLTE on Note 5?

I checked my Note 5 and as expected I don’t see an option for VoLTE. Verizon and Sprint can benefit from Voice Over LTE mostly because can do calls and surf internet at the same time as those ATT users had been forever. I am sure call quality matters but my Galaxy Note 5 is one of top 10 devices for voice quality so that does not motivate me to get VoLTE. I would consider it Progress when it happens and as all Progress those whom are backward and make their prosperity or survival in backwardness would fight what Progress brings that obsoletes them. 

Galaxy Note 7 is already years ahead of any Apple device and must be attacked day and night to stop devaluing backwardness. Things need to stay the same for at least one year until next year when new backward super phone aka iPhone gets released and no new technology pushed out until Apple acknowlwdges it’s invention coinciding with arrival of a new iPhone or attacked your product and company will get. 

Only 30 Days?

Everyone is always lying? Who knows but they don’t care is the policy. Any of these companies do what they want and may or may not have reason. The pressure to pretend that privacy and legality are addressed forces the companies to announce all kinds of rules in place. The truth? 30 days or forever? They won’t tell you the truth and everyone does it. 

Some Of The Things I Can NOT Do!!!!

Yep. Voice Commands. I cannot use them for jack. It could be that I am used to standard ways of doing things or that I just cannot or they are no good or other reasons. I just cannot use voice commands actively.

I have done it. Goals on Google Calendar? Tried to trick myself to go to the gym by making the Calendar schedule my visits. I admit it is persistent and still pops the new time and day I am to go to gym but how much good did me? The point here is I cannot use it. And I thought I was smart. Three cellphones and all…

I cannot use wearables. I sort of understand them but cannot figure what they are to do. Most gadgets are like that to me. I have to customize them or won’t work for me. I cannot use wearables.

And here is a good one and a no brainer. This 10500 mAh pack costs $22. Buy it? I can use it but I have two of these even bigger in capacitors. One was never opened. One is used and is very impressive BUT I cannot use it. The weight is more than my three cellphones together. It could be I imagine that but they are heavy or have no power. I cannot use it. How hard can it be to use a battery pack? I cannot use it.

Is Allo Really that Bad?

They say it. 

I was looking for a good news app which gives me consistent flow of news nationwide because we are entering a new stage in politics and government be eliminating a whole lot of things we are used to. Example is how almost daily there is an incident between police and civilians that robs everyone the wrong way. Anyway those whom don’t understand politics and how government pushes military in disguised as “stuff happening” would never notice but that is the future for “trend” watchers in business and politics. 

My search in Google Play store was not very successful until I decided to search for the “real news.” A search for “tabloid news” indeed eliminated all the established sources of phony news and I can settle for 10 million downloads and editors choice blah blah. It is a tabloid news collector but we pretend is all legit because everyone endorsing it.

Apart from typical tabloid “news articles” other news not favored by big media also gathers up. Some can be interesting.

Allo is made by Google to save all your communications and will hand over to police anytime and upon request? I really don’t care.

Allo was declared doomed when was launched but the idea is worth a look. Facebook is rumored to have had enormous NSA backing to be so well-placed and everyone except the 1% religiously use it to document every detail of their lives with evidence which is available to NSA computers for use by big American corporations. They say is used by Government against you etc but the truth is one thing NSA does not do is national security and big corporations own NSA and whatever Facebook and it’s Messenger may or may not do be for the good of big business not anything government-related. This topic is pure conspiracy unless you are a little into government then is old news.

Locally, I remember for a long time there was a push to make SMS a means to communicate commuter trainer incidents to its so-called “police” of Hollywood fame for unheard of brutalities. That never happened but one day they launched a fancy APP. It was not long after the grapevine had it that APP is bad news as super bad news and that reporting crime would just be a report and what the app really does is help track anyone who installs it and helps recruit professional snitches and most importantly helps target complainers (whoever reports crime a lot making this .gov look bad.) I still think SMS does the job without involving oneself in hillbilly activities also known as commuter train police. May be 20 years from now crime can be reported but today?

Is Allo Really that Bad? You tell me.

54 Degrees

That be the temperature today locally. The wireless news is boring as usual. Another tale of a Samsung device with trouble. This be part marketing and part sabotage as American business happens to benefit tremendously will go on and when is over they will give Samsung award after award for what it does to bring the brand back. The term taking turns finds a clear meaning with timing of product arrivals. It is the time of year when Apple products need all the media space they can get and no wonder room is made for them and Samsung is being so meek and calm for its troubles. Their turn comes later and get it all back when “iPhome season” ends? 

And TMobile is killing everyone. 850000 new subscribers and everyone else sucked but they don’t worry. They have very low churn that be ATT and Verizon so not much gained but not much lost either unless you are last with 250000 adds. I think the price of the stock shows it best. The last is striving to make $7 per share. We won’t mention where everyone else is at. Is it the devices? They all have same devices. Is it the network? Honestly the last place has better network than TMO. Is it the rate plans? Again the last place has better plans than all. Then what is it? One may say how they run their business. Any stock under $20 is marked as one which has no stock market backing. That means big money would rather invest anywhere but there and the few institutional and individuals who own make it one day reach $7 and set records. It is how the place is run top to bottom that makes one realistically think can add a million subscribers some quarter and another cannot even imagine $10 per share one day? That be so ambitious. I bet if you were to get inside any of the big four and check them out you would see how many things done “wrong” at all levels in proportion to stock value. They correspond. The fault is in what Herashio?