Note 8 Is Not That Big

Demo units for Note 8 and Galaxy S8+ side by side.

So much for the gigantic phone we heard so much about. It is not that big. Bigger than my Note 5 but definitely reasonable size. 

We welcome Galaxy Note 8 to America soon and best phone for important people who are embarrassed to have a Blackberry. I have a Blackberry Keyone too. Double superphones.


Welcome Back Team Blackberry!

It is back

Thanks to the best leader in the world this country is once again back on top. And we have Blackberry back. The un-iPhone. And I got mine. I love it.

Here is to those great things no longer considered great and still great. iPhone the phone of the idiots will attack Blackberry in first week of January. Probably a dual attack on Note 8 and Keystone. That is Apple culture. Burn the building down where competition is at? Apple does. And I am getting Note 8 too. Double trouble? Or may be we stop them.

Let’s Have It

Today is Monday and we are starting a new season. 

I tried to do that sentence twice using my dictation mic on the Gboard and no luck. It is too noisy here. Oh we, life goes on. We definitely have switched to new technology.

I used to whine how busy I was, how my battery was always dying and more things to whine about. Those problems can come and go. They are insignificant and solved for the most part. A huge number of “problems” I was working on are now solved and we move on but new problems appear.

I not only get way too many notifications but also too much useless typing daily. I got a keyboard so I can do work typing on my tablet because VPN set up is so time consuming for my laptop email. And the battery of my Note 5 has gotten bigger and my LG X Power will soon become a Galaxy S8+ with another huge battery. New technology is needed. Talk and type does the job?

For starters it works really well. Galaxy Note 5 is an expensive superphone and LG X Power is a budget phone that got lucky and made it past trials and was adopted as a work horse by yours truly and they both do a fantastic super job converting voice to text. The technology of the future? It is a necessity for some of us. I cannot type so much all day. It is not practical. I can talk all day. Lol. That is practical.

The biggest issue besides privacy that people hear what you type is how effective the mic is. My LG Tone HBS910 should be able to pick up “talk” against background noise much better than phone microphones. More technology to make technology work? Need hardware to make voice-to-text software work? I don’t mind. As a matter of fact I like it. The truth is there has been a demand for what yours truly writes historically and that demand is no less today. The payoff is why not give the readers a hard time also. That has always been justified. The thieves, the liars, the morons, the criminals are all here using such content as the professionals, the intellectuals, the industry and the government do. Why not let them have it? Is that an age old question? Not really. It is a duty. And talk helps us. I don’t think I can provide my great “monotone” voice that bores the shit out of people to my readers but when it comes to being “wordy” there is hope.

I may have been trained to write as an intellectual does but nobody bothered to train me to “talk” as anyone but a boring, annoying wordy speaker and I see no reason why this cannot be a great “benefit” to all mankind. The great “mic” and half-ass software that can only handle some backgrounds make this possible. So many God-damn words to make a sentence the reader will “cry?” That is how we like it. Would you like to steal my content and write your own smart “views” and publish them an hour after mine came out? Enjoy the “new” format. The sad truth is some of us learn and in the great “wordiness” will leave and brevity takes its place. More content to steal for some of us thanks to speech-to-publish? F all of you. Progress must take place. 

Progress Is Good…

God bless America. Darkness and madness may take over but good things still happen.

Ionically Starbucks serving drinks and Samsung make devices and Google messing with everything software endlessly contribute more to making America Great than our political system with all its claims. Yes this speaks to Trump. And let’s not forget those not present like my LG Tone 910 headset that I am wearing and is absent from this photo. So many are fighting to make America better and improve it quietly and others talk a lot and do evil

My Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S Pen (no it does not have a penis. It has a Pen S) finally got upgraded to Android 7. For whatever reason I have liked Android 7 and I never cared for new versions. 

Tab does a lot of work and I even cheated and bought a keyboard to make it more of my tablet. And I cheated even more and ordered a nice HP case for smaller laptops (I got a refurbished outdoor wireless speaker instead until I complained and is on the way but am not sure if anybody cares to take the speaker back) so I can skip carrying my work laptop around. Honestly I only need my email a lot and the rest can get done on work computers or home. VPN doesn’t get the bad rap it should get. Tab A 10.1 is dandy and if is to Trump be banned from your car, all public transport and definitely airplanes. That is Greatness in some view.

I also want to thank Amazon and Microsoft for their contributions to this country also. They have friends in our government circles and we were asked to throw their names in. They are good. We have idiots working for US Government. 

Enjoy Greatness as we have it while it lasts. Our regime might pound and beat into your flesh soon as another idea of Greatness. 

Focus OR Not Focus!

Samsung Focus is a productivity app made for Samsung users and used by very few people. There is not much I can say here because of the limited use. It does run on my Galaxy Note 5 but says not available on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Pen S (pun intended?) and honestly the Tab 10.1 is very fit for business use so why not have Focus fit the device? 

Samsung apps won’t run on non-Samsung phones unless something in it for Samsung. And I don’t see why they should. They would have to provide support for them enemy devices. I learned that using the super awesome Samsung Smart Switch. That is a super app AND if you try to transfer TO a non-Samsujg phone you find out you ain’t so smart. It works all kinds of ways but only if destination is a Samsung device. Focus could have same problems BUT should work on Samsung devices, shouldn’t it? 

I am still getting used to it. I do like the folder feature that bundles my Unread and Flagged emails in such named folders and that increases productivity. Why doesn’t or how come I don’t know how to make this happen super easy on my Outlook is the question! Samsung Focus does it and is so handy. It somehow is not as friendly in speed of downloading work email. I can see my new emails in their folders (I have more than a few obviously for work) when I log in Outlook on desktop or laptop or on my LG X Power and even using resident email app of Tab 10.1 but Focus sure takes it’s time retrieving new emails. 

The Calendar tab works very well too. The People tab is very straight forward though I go through so many devices and people stuff has so many paths through so many apps to focus on this tab of Focus. Memo tab still makes not much sense. I guess the idea is integration. What integrates with what increases productivity. Memo Tab as standalone is not integrating that I know of hence where is the productivity increase? May be I find out someday. The Home Tab aka Samsung Focus tab is good. Home tabs are usually always good. They set the mood for the app or device and get enough attention. 

I like to use Samsung Focus more than a place to collect work emails and work calendar. It does them very well but we want more. How about letting it work on other Samsung devices? Don’t be shy. Gmail was in Beta for like 10 years and finally got approved as OK by Google. Lol. Samsung cannot be pickier.

Release Samsung Focus and I promise to use Samsung Pay. Sounds like a good deal. Not?

They Finally Got The Mayor?

And I was wondering where “bullying” comes from. A quick Google search to that effect landed a research article and turned out interesting.

Bullying is an European “idea” first mentioned in 1530s and the foremost expert is a European dude who helps victims. The very interesting thing about bullying which is a cultural phenomenon is how every peek at its origin pairs it with “Capitalism.” Bullying is a necessary function in competition so can win. No wonder women, blacks,Muslims and Mexicans are “chosen” by our Economic Boss El Pendejo himself. You need a victim class to benefit the bully class. There used to be a saying that “early wealth of America was created on the back of the slave class.” They didn’t have Mexicans and Muslims then and women were “chatel” to begin with. Those were the good old days. Lol.

The bullying process harms both bully and victims. Outsiders like to add the biggest bully we know is General Uncle himself (he somehow always WON) and anonymous blogs are mentioned as one of the cyberbully methods technology brings us. There is a hint at the General again. Cynics say when someone very much like the General finally appears in politics we will remember him as Donald Trump! Trump is a bully? Bullies anyone? There is a list starting with Hillary and Obama. The man knows economy. For greatness to accumulate there has to be a victim class. In a more intellectual way General Uncle used to preach of the enormous benefits to America everytime say an old lady falls on a bus or train and cannot get up. He knew his economics too may be in an academic way and scared everyone but the idea is solid. Greatness can be created and only some can do it. Others do the have the balls to do what it takes.  Lol again.

The bottom line is United States is no longer a European country and history proves killing a huge number of the right people will solidify such claims. In this case all whom like anything British or Euro and point is made. 

There is mention of bullying in the anals of General Uncle. The one incident mentioned I blocked Mexicans and General basically settled the matter by “if your kid do this again you are both dead” and the matter was resolved. This type of solution can be applied but bullying is another one of those Great American things that need to go. The solution?

We need a citizenship program. State Dept asked for one year to develop it and a few months more they say. A national program how you live in America or else. It is coming and addresses bullying too.

For now our friend the Sheriff states he can take care of all the bullies including General Uncle too. That is funny. The problem our good Sheriff has had is he talks and then takes a long time to fix. General Uncle is an American icon. That is what happens in America when “they cannot catch you.” And that is what the General used to say about his “blogs” that “if they are going to stop him first they ha e to catch him.” Learned folks argued it was really hard to bust the General because in order to have a big mouth like he had one bad to measure as a good citizen and have his shit together and then can be prominent and get away with telling a lot of nonsense and rude shit to people and they will let him. Busting the General as a bully is one thing and busting Capitalist bullying another.

At least we now know for a fact Trump can make America great. His methods however require therapy for him and his victims. General Uncle never needed therapy for his blogs and “cyberbulling” which is peculiar. The theory fails him. They did call him a mudslinger however. That is another topic.

Central Control Module

Today is Thursday. It is sort of a Friday. A testament to Great Smartphones. I get up at 5 am etc etc and this LG X Power was NOT charged in full. In fact it was charged little last night and carries the charge from yesterday BUT will last me through the day. We have a short day today and 60% battery on this phone easily lasts. 

Today is Day Four of some training. One of the changes caused by this training is relying on what we have. Since it is only four days planning is not needed and everything just happens. I could have used my Note 5 and I did carry in my bag but would need charging during the day etc etc. 

LG X Power needs no recharge and being a cheap phone it doesn’t break either. I drop it very dramatically once and got well-wishers hoping I have insurance. Even better, the darn phone cannot break. And the battery last forever and is my hotspot for my work laptop so better stay on and work all day. 

And I can do even better. My Pushbullet app lets me all kinds of fun and necessary things. Unfortunately I hit the free sms limit and why not I paid $40 and get unlimited access all year. And what for? As long as my other device say my Note 5 is on everything going in there gets sent to my everlasting LG X Power. One phone that can not brag about any part of itself is LG X Power but sure can serve as a hub or control module on unplanned long days like the four days of limbo I finish today. My normal life has planning included and phones that need charging get charged automatically. An unexpected day allows for little planning and my backup LG X Power can take over my life until “normal” is the status quo. 

Long live or last LG X Power and other electronic devices that provide “extra” benefits.