Who Needs Google Pixel???

Google Pixel gets announced today and who needs it? We have iPhone the answer to all of our technology questions, don’t we?

Who needs innovation? Who needs progress? Apple will “announce” it’s iPhone once a year and if we need more they will “tell” us? Domination may be a Chinese idea that came to America as part of the American belief that foreign places, things and people are so “great” and we can gain “great” things from them. This wrong idea has cost America so much and will. 

The basic idea if I remember correctly was when faced with various cultures instead of rejecting and accepting which the European tradition of superior and inferior (call it black and white locally) one ought to seek and embrace the good things in all cultures. Some cultures have nothing good to offer or their good may be poison to us? 

One product dominating was not the easy standard in America until Chinese were forced to follow US protocol of keeping what they earned from trade invested in US Government papers etc. That follows with now they can have a say in how America is run being stockholders in the corporation named America. 

This ideology is poison. I don’t have to write about how alternatives to domination can and will be. You can see an example here. Pixel is an All American product. Whatever it does or does not accomplish it has no intention of hurting other companies and products to get bigger and hold a bigger market niche. It represents advances in technology and advances in American business. We need big announcement dates such as Oct 4th Google announcements of many products so we can survive on this planet. 

Life built around one idea or products such as the Domination ideology and iPhone be so boring, stale and morbid it be like a Communist country to be around the place. One wishes to escape a place where everyone only has iPhones and everything else gets demolished so “One” can be the beginning and the end.

Welcome Google Pixel and October 4th 2016 prodocts announcements as a sign we are not dominated yet and whoever offers foreign countries options to own our economic and political system is a traitor and needs punishment. 


Jet Black Definitely Looks Cool…

Shortage or not and 60-70% manufacturing rejects (macrumors says so for Jet Black) or not there is a huge difference between a black iPhone and a Jet Black iPhone. The latter definitely looks classy. When the first gold iPhone was announced and I believe was iPhone 5, so many opted to wait and get the gold when other colors were obtainable. As soon as gold was released nobody wanted it. The mystery was great. Whatever gold meant to people had great force but the real thing was not worth it. Today is just a color for iPhone and after silver (formerly known as white the limited edition of iPhone once upon a time) gold is second least sought-after iPhone at lease when sold retail. Jet Black will not have that problem. The toilet shine, china-reflection, almost neon (there we go again if rainbow iPhone series were a disaster and calling a Pink phone Rose Gold fooled nobody here is again the opportunity to find what some hope sells more of what doesn’t sell more in any color, size, shape etc by thinking reflective like neon… Black neon?) looks very classy and definitely worth not having a standard case to hide it. It will do well only because is classy not the other stuff.

That’s What It Looks Like?

iPhone 7 Plus in person. As a super phone it has many qualities and new things to discover but looks the same. You can use same screen cover as 6 series here and cases should mostly match also except for 7 plus because of camera. The device is very polished and naturally I will get into it slowly. For now the overwhelming opinion is taking out the headphone jack was wrong and we can go on but is a waste of time. These products don’t revolve around legitimate needs and that topic cannot even be touched by public. They tell you and you buy it. They even tell you what your opinion is and what is it about or what you don’t have an opinion on and you follow. It is iPhone 6s in a new launch. Every six months there is enough technology to upgrade a flagship device to an improved version of same device. Once in a great while a completely new device appears. How many times have you read around this thinking in literature about new devices? Nobody can count. iPhone 7 is iPhone 6s 2.0. If it had changed enough to matter it would be a 7 as a new device. OS upgrade, processor, memory, camera, battery, and even jacks are standard changes every six months. Anyway who is to have such opinions? We are told what topics we may have opinions on as consumers and interestingly enough nobody has strong emotional event to 7 when I present it to them. They receive it as “new.” In the past the new iPhone brought WOWs. We see how long before dissention begins that 7 is not much different. That be a test of popular culture controls by our media. They will crush it like they crush the competition by blowing you away not to compete?

The Best Thing Yet…

I agree! I am yet to try it but agree. The iPhone 7 Plus demo that I put into operation did demonstrate confusion as far as home button and I have to agree with news of what may go wrong.

I love the finger sensor of my Galaxy Note 5. I always hated pressing the home button so many times and dealing with swipe to unlock blah blah until only from curiosity I started using the fingerprint home button of Galaxy Note 5. It is the best thing that happened to me not so much for security but mostly that I touch and get to what I want. No swiping patterns or pressing. However, unless you position your finger as has been recorded and long enough it won’t work AND wet finger even slightly won’t do it. I may get to do it better over time but for now what is said about home button of iPhone 7 makes a lot of sense based on my way experiences on Galaxy Note 5 (which is probably a better phone. Lol.)

Widest Availability for iPhone 7? Huh.

I think my first launch was iPhone 3GS but somehow I say I have been to 5 iPhone launches (obviously more) and this is the first time no extra iPhones besides preorders were available to sell. Now they call the aftermath effect as? Widest Availability. I don’t even want to know what that means. Unavailability is what iPhone launches bring and iPhone 7 is yet the worst. The availability has improved? So they say….