We Have The Greatest And Nobody Else Does (First Draft)

Good to have a big wall.

And I think I am pretty much done with Samsung Pay. I added the maximum of 10 cards and also learned to use it whenever and wherever possible. It has gone past a novelty. Since any device with a magnetic scanner can be used I am sure I will be using it a lot. The points are good too. Everything is good till it pays not to give it to you. That will be the future. One day Samsung Pay won’t be so free but I am sure still will be useful. 

And we may be dropping this blog and starting another one. The Little Man blog series we’re dedicated to our awesome local Mayor Little Man when he was in deep trouble. He never did confront the Feds but definitely found someone in the Fed and all that talk of prosecution and stuff vanished. It is good to know people and have a few dollars to spend. That definitely comes handy. 

As of now we are thinking the time is right to honor another awesome not local but national political figure. The man who defied them all. He will probably be remembered as the worst political figure of our history. Anybody who likes him or even agreed with him is in the pipeline for whatever the government can throw at them and believe me will. He has been honored in the Little Man blogs many times and believe it or not at one point the abuse got to him and started attacking “the Little Man” this and that in the context of “I am talking to North Koreans.” Whatever you say Chief. The only trouble is too many people read this stuff and already associate Little Man with NOT North Korea etc. I think it is time for our Big Boy to get his own Honorary blog. 

Today the topic was raised how Trump is a horrible man and a Bully and uses these tactics to abuse everyone and why it is important to have opposition leaders that seriously “upset” him. The key idea is next to Trump and his abusive condict there has to be records of how it was responded to. Something about all Great countries have this built into their social and political systems. 

Honestly, we just do this because is fun. Another fault of our lousy public school system and what persons it raises to become it’s citizens. We won’t enter that topic here but our dear Big Man in DC needs his own blog. DonnyTrumpet at whatever HOST seems an appropriate homage to the great work some in our political system do.

We keep working on that. Lazy is the word for how long before things get switched.

And of the timing? The good folk at State Department spend a solemn week not responding to what may be an issue because they held that Donald Trump is history. Their claim was “end of the week” and today is Friday. We didn’t say that. We told everyone “within a week” so when they start sweating we can tell them they have till Tuesday and the uniforms won’t be dropping in YET to say Hi and relieve a few of their misery. They still argue is done deal. 

In case it is not (and better be I mean it) we are thinking a whole awesome blog to honor our great leader. He will probably think Donny Trumpet is some person. No, our vocabulary-less leader whom now is publicly accused of not just being a liar but a “congenital” one and is incapable of grasping the idea that what he makes up as a lie is really not true. That is what makes this country great. Who has a leader like that? Suuuure, North Korea has an awesome leader too and Donny really hates him. The man does whatever he wants. And sits there and watches big missiles take off and who knows where they go. Poor Donny attends one missile launches in his Bullshit-dom of America he wants to create and there be so much fuss. Others don’t have it. We have Great leadership. It is true what said or done is really bad in a lot of ways but who else has a leader like that? We do. We can dedicate whole blogs to honoring ours.

Get rid of him or gets his own blog and yes he will never grasp the idea what the blog is.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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