Is This A Third Rate Country Or What? (First Draft)

When it gets this low….

Left propaganda is not as common as when Obama was in. Back then it was “intolerable.” One of the good things that finally was established was the labels such as Liberal, Democrat and the opposite obviously are not simple classifications as commonly believed. There can be so much diversity within a group. The type of Liberal Obama established was unbelievable. It was horrible and terrible and so on. No wonder he was replaced by we know what.

Trump represents some end of the spectrum. Nobody would have ever dreamed someone like Trump existed not to mention he would make it past the entire party and get a good job in the government. He is disqualified based on almost all criteria to serve and he is President?

And in this time in the history of the country things have got so bad that once again Liberal rhetoric sounds so valid. Read the “expert” statement above. It makes so much sense because things are so bad. Anything would make sense. Fortunately State Department has a plan. When General Uncle was alive he was criticized for his famous cover-ups and today State Department has accepted the wisdom of General. As soon as Donald is history any sign or detail of his being around will be erased. A Code of Silence will be established and the best excuse will be from General again that “we won’t allow you to continue the harm done lokg after.” It gets deleted and it’s negativity won’t pass on. There never was a Donald Trump and none of this ever happend will be the claim then. As General Uncle had it anyone interested can go to graduate school and study what really happened during “this” time of history and as far as public go nothing happened. 

There is hope for the future. The wisdom of the wise ones? Experts also complain Donald Duck copied General Uncle ideas and plans just did them so badly. The wise ones do it for us or to us. Enjoy the Liberal opinions till it is over. 

PS. Third rate countries do things very poorly as our government does now in this era. The word is “low” and they say is “high.” We are that low where low can be called high unless we read Liberal literature.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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