Galaxy Note Series The Best Smartphones

Weird. I had to run into an article to remember all the pressure up to release of Galaxy Note 8.

And it is an awesome phone. It deserves a minute of our time to remember the best. The article starts with “all the love Note 8 gets…” And I suddenly remembered! 

It wasn’t long ago. Literally a month ago when finally Galaxy Note 8 was everywhere and everyone had theirs. More than a year of stress and pressure on he brand and all it took was laying out the law that if anything goes wrong with Galaxy Note 8 launch it be President of People Republic of China AND CEO of Apple who are the guilty parties to be held responsible. And that was such an easy launch. 

It reminds me of a Clint Eastwood movie. After he meets with a gangster in prison and scares him off he finds himself tailed everywhere. Once he confronts the thugs he finds out they were assigned his bodyguard by the gangster so no harm comes to Eastwood and the man be held responsible. Galaxy Note 8 probably had the same fate. Apple and Chinese government had to make sure the device launches as expected or else they be accused of “poisoning Wells” and “starting fires” to rid of competition. They do that but not the topic here. Galaxy Note 8 had it’s own Patron Saints and no harm came to it AND we all forgot. 

Oh well, such is life. The phone is awesome and frankly is big. I never notice I have a big phone AGAIN until I see someone else holding it. Just yesterday I was riding our “disgusting” commuter trains which fill up beyond what should be legal to pack into a high speed legacy vehicle and someone pulled a Galaxy Note 8. I was puzzled for about two seconds “what IS that giant phone this dude has” and I realized. Big phones are great. What is not great is my laptop. It is awesome but I never realized how much work I do. I had a horrible morning and I feel so pissy how much work I have to do. Laptops suck. They are good for work and everything else done turns into work. I did release my anger well. It has been a while since bad luck fell many people I know whom deserve them. I wished them all time in hell and as a practioner of Evil Arts (commonly known as participation or if have what it takes “playing” in the field of politics) I jinxed them all to hell. It was that bad a morning. Evil always wins and Ultra Conservatives node Yep. Galaxy Note 8 Rocks. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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