We “Go To Hell” (First Draft)

State Department claims no more Trump within a week. They don’t want current politics discussed. Something about someone paid to do ANY and distract from Russia probe.

We have our stories to tell. Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a very crooked and shady government agency once formed by politicians to do their dirty work because US military would not. They made their own little army from rejected and disgruntled US military personnel and called it legit. Years and years later this dirty government unit was involved in all kinds of shady things and one being this big fraud-monging company that was going out of business (again.) Our dirtbags in effort to save their affiliates brought some shady Japanese company who signs into National Security and later is stuck with a dead company. 

Anything to save our billions leads them to organize a mess with these dirtbags of US government and all organized by Pentagon in the background. They meddlerld with National Security in Pleasanton California a few months ago under a plan to get their billions back. It failed badly. The deal to refund them trusted to be signed off by desperate politicians ran into trouble by National Security folks. They got trapped between no money refunded and violations of US National Security they were partners to thanks to shady government agencies.

A long story short, it is a few months later. Our friends at the shady agency have had heavy heavy heavy casualties not expected to slow down. Pentagon is short a few Generals and a huge Purge is underway to get rid of all the “emotional” (also known as suicidal, criminal, racist and whatever name you can come up with) personnel no longer fit for duty because their emotional mind (also known as hatred, prejudice all the way to genuine madness) is 99%+ of them and no longer qualified to “think rationally” and serve. The big people in DC never could sell an incident in Las Vegas for their politics partly because the victims representative the “followers” of current regime in DC but as politics has it the Virgina “paid for” hate car accident onto demonstrators did work in their politics and more to follow? The story goes the pressure of investigation has just began to be felt and another paid job happens. Did the politicians in DC paid to arrange a timely event in NYC to deflate the pressure building by investigation? 

State Department knows something they hold on to. The official line is “the media” found the truth and may be or just that we are distracted by this tale. They we’re ready to answer at DOS yesterday and had nothing to do with any events yesterday. Uncle Trump is in trouble that bad that NYC wasn’t even worth mention? If a paid event then is not a National Security event and just an arranged car accident and State Department was ready for this and immediately directed everyone not to look at NYC and nothing there but keep looking at DC for a week and it will all be there.

“Go to hell” was mentioned twice to some of us recently. First it was Uncle Donald yesterday. He said “go to Hell” and today State Department says “go to Hell.” WTF? Trump shrugs off accusations by referring people to Hell and State Department? A request has been made from US State Department that if we are Donald-less very soon he ought to be preserved for media “consumption.” Donald has proven very able to endure bites, hair pulling, nutkicking and other manners of “journalism” American media apply to their subjects and he is not slowing down. As is said his political career may end but he has 15-20 other careers in him the media would like a piece of. And what does State Department say to “request” to “preserve” the man? Go to Hell. We need Donald. He has proven to entertain and will again and again if preserved. Go to Hell. That is a good motto. We “Go to Hell” means we get what we want because we are right and the losers only admit by saying “Go to Hell.” We GO. You don’t have a choice. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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