National Reward Points Day? (First Draft)

Halloween 2017 also National Reward Points Day is here. 

I earned my triple Samsung Pay Halloween scans 400 points and a $10 card Amazon for doing a MC triple scans and that wraps up the 2017 Rewards Day. The year has been good and 2018 promises to be a better Reward Points Day. 

Initially Reward Points movement was watched carefully by our banks because financial institution consider Point-lovers as potential “extremely cheap persons” who won’t give up their money AND even resort to all manner of tactics (including making their own currency of Reward Points just so they don’t have to pay and keep their money) but as of late Reward Points are considered “worthy” since they stimulate spending which is seriously pressured because big companies and institutions take all the earned incomes and leave little to spend. So all said and done, Reward Points enthusiasts have no enemies for now. Reward Points are legit catalysts as long as the points are personalized and cannot be bought and sold as universal mean of conversion. Reward Points were created for stupid public and work fine at that level. Once upgraded into a more complex definition they lose their appeal. They are however needed. Here is an example: Why would anyone pay $18 for wine label remover sheets? What a waste of money so use Rewards Points or in this case THE Amazon Gift Card (Rewards) and only pay $8 plus tax. It is magical. It is so natural not to want to Pay.

And I got other things to do besides exciting Reward Points. Black Friday ads are popping up already. Check them out and always collect points even if it upsets the big banks.

PS. And there has been some discussions how SOME people trivalizes issues by directing attention to say Rewards Points versus mouthfuls of politics. I agree. Enjoy your Reward Points.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

Reward Points are currency of the future to supplement retail. They deserve the time it takes to obtain them.