Battery Cases And Styli

Battery cases for Galaxy Note 8 begin to appear. eBay has a lot already but I don’t see Zero Lemon yet. Then it is also true that Note 8 has amazing battery. It definitely needs a partial charge sometime during the day but as far as holding itself the Note 8 battery is amazing. 

The other interesting thing is the stylus. As a stylus it hardly differs from the Note 5 but in some cases it is interesting. Squid is a handwriting note taking app which is very useful. I just happened to opt for using the Galaxy Note 8 stylus as input method AND changed the settings so doesn’t need pressure by the Stylus. It is amazing. The ease the stylus moves and draws (writes) is incredible. It is like writing on the soft skin of a person. There is that little friction. There is no fraction but doesn’t slide off either. I am very impressed by this experience. Did Galaxy Note 5 do the same with same ease? How would I know. Verizon has my Note 5 and if stories we are told are true it goes back to the government. I don’t know. I do know Galaxy Note 8 is a God-sent. It is needed beyond belief. And it never feels big unless I leave it facedown and looking at it in it’s case I have to say “that is a big phone.” It never does so experience-wise.

And I got a Ringke case for my Galaxy Note 8. I get tired of cases mostly because I take them off and clean my phone blah blah. This one definitely beat the TPU and had a little surprise too. The tempered glass won’t fit with this case on. I would say it is about half a milimeter too long and that is all it takes not to fit. I don’t care. I will be changing cases in no time and I will make sure the next one can fit a tempered glass.

Galaxy Note 8 is an awesome phone. It is recommended over any phone.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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