Battery Cases And Styli

Battery cases for Galaxy Note 8 begin to appear. eBay has a lot already but I don’t see Zero Lemon yet. Then it is also true that Note 8 has amazing battery. It definitely needs a partial charge sometime during the day but as far as holding itself the Note 8 battery is amazing. 

The other interesting thing is the stylus. As a stylus it hardly differs from the Note 5 but in some cases it is interesting. Squid is a handwriting note taking app which is very useful. I just happened to opt for using the Galaxy Note 8 stylus as input method AND changed the settings so doesn’t need pressure by the Stylus. It is amazing. The ease the stylus moves and draws (writes) is incredible. It is like writing on the soft skin of a person. There is that little friction. There is no fraction but doesn’t slide off either. I am very impressed by this experience. Did Galaxy Note 5 do the same with same ease? How would I know. Verizon has my Note 5 and if stories we are told are true it goes back to the government. I don’t know. I do know Galaxy Note 8 is a God-sent. It is needed beyond belief. And it never feels big unless I leave it facedown and looking at it in it’s case I have to say “that is a big phone.” It never does so experience-wise.

And I got a Ringke case for my Galaxy Note 8. I get tired of cases mostly because I take them off and clean my phone blah blah. This one definitely beat the TPU and had a little surprise too. The tempered glass won’t fit with this case on. I would say it is about half a milimeter too long and that is all it takes not to fit. I don’t care. I will be changing cases in no time and I will make sure the next one can fit a tempered glass.

Galaxy Note 8 is an awesome phone. It is recommended over any phone.


Presidential Pants

From GQ Style

New styles in season for our one and only President. Wear them when signing executive orders. 

Long Live Samsung Themes?

I finally found a Samsung Theme that works for me. 

Them folders are so small and the apps inside are so much tinier you cannot see jack. Fortunately the naming system for the folders is friendlier now hence you look for the name. It works. 

What doesn’t work is the name blends into background and you are screwed. The right Theme can save the day BUT what the heck is infinity effect? Any wallpaper theme I downloaded warned me Infinity Effects are gone if I use and finally I said the heck with it and did it. I can see my folders now and I have no idea what I have lost.

I got my Gboard back too. I was wondering what was wrong with my keyboard. I was using default Samsung keyboard. Back to Gboard. 

The battery is good so far. And I am used to the Google search on every page so I just installed the same widget on every pane! And I moved it down where is close to keyboard. Why reach to top of screen? 

So far so good. I am waiting to see which world leader adopts this world phone first. When the very first Galaxy came out (hadn’t come out yet) I used to utilize some incredible info in my sales pitch. Someone asked me one day how do you know these things and I have never heard from anyone. Samsung Galaxy whatever with it’s fat keyboard. Consumer something magazine phone of the year. How did I know? I also announced the Galaxy as the phone all countries adopt as THE world phone not to pay American prices for iPhone. Was I right or was I right? 

And now we await President Trump the boldest of them all to show off his Note 8? He doesn’t have the webbo to do it either. He has a Galaxy S3. I have a free screen protector for it if he wants it. I think I have a spare charger too if his stopped working. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 the phone that survived the jealousy of PINK America, RED China, RABBID North Korea and the rest. A phone for World Leaders (Must have Webbos) and on a historical note it was yours truly who made stupid ass Motorola Startac the mandatory celebrity phone of it’s days. I think cost $400 then. And the stupid Motorola V3 or V6 for being so tiny and Hollywood loved it at $600. I cannot believe for those stupid phones. You couldn’t buy a car for $600 then but you CAN buy a car for $1000 as price of a phone today? Everything is so weird. 

Get your Note 8 if you are a world leader before those dirty celebrities pick it up. Hurry.