It is No Superphone

Keyone has been doing well. LG X Power got replaced by Keyone and not much else.

Blackberry Keyone is an Android phone. Keyboard is different but unless I can learn the BlackBerry features it is an Android phone. And it tried to cheat and stop me at 2 GB. I don’t think so. Background activities blah blah. One advantage of Sprint has been Unlimited Data. I switched 2 to 1000 GB as when my data runs out. 

Somebody show me how to use my BlackBerry as a BlackBerry not Android. Them apps. I am afraid to use them…

And time to get a Note 8. I hope I can use it as a Note not an Android…. 

And Keyone is no Superphone. Pandora and a few apps open and is “slow times“ close to freezing. Where is my Note 5. Never slow.


Note 8 Is Not That Big

Demo units for Note 8 and Galaxy S8+ side by side.

So much for the gigantic phone we heard so much about. It is not that big. Bigger than my Note 5 but definitely reasonable size. 

We welcome Galaxy Note 8 to America soon and best phone for important people who are embarrassed to have a Blackberry. I have a Blackberry Keyone too. Double superphones.

Welcome Back Team Blackberry!

It is back

Thanks to the best leader in the world this country is once again back on top. And we have Blackberry back. The un-iPhone. And I got mine. I love it.

Here is to those great things no longer considered great and still great. iPhone the phone of the idiots will attack Blackberry in first week of January. Probably a dual attack on Note 8 and Keystone. That is Apple culture. Burn the building down where competition is at? Apple does. And I am getting Note 8 too. Double trouble? Or may be we stop them.