Let’s Have It

Today is Monday and we are starting a new season. 

I tried to do that sentence twice using my dictation mic on the Gboard and no luck. It is too noisy here. Oh we, life goes on. We definitely have switched to new technology.

I used to whine how busy I was, how my battery was always dying and more things to whine about. Those problems can come and go. They are insignificant and solved for the most part. A huge number of “problems” I was working on are now solved and we move on but new problems appear.

I not only get way too many notifications but also too much useless typing daily. I got a keyboard so I can do work typing on my tablet because VPN set up is so time consuming for my laptop email. And the battery of my Note 5 has gotten bigger and my LG X Power will soon become a Galaxy S8+ with another huge battery. New technology is needed. Talk and type does the job?

For starters it works really well. Galaxy Note 5 is an expensive superphone and LG X Power is a budget phone that got lucky and made it past trials and was adopted as a work horse by yours truly and they both do a fantastic super job converting voice to text. The technology of the future? It is a necessity for some of us. I cannot type so much all day. It is not practical. I can talk all day. Lol. That is practical.

The biggest issue besides privacy that people hear what you type is how effective the mic is. My LG Tone HBS910 should be able to pick up “talk” against background noise much better than phone microphones. More technology to make technology work? Need hardware to make voice-to-text software work? I don’t mind. As a matter of fact I like it. The truth is there has been a demand for what yours truly writes historically and that demand is no less today. The payoff is why not give the readers a hard time also. That has always been justified. The thieves, the liars, the morons, the criminals are all here using such content as the professionals, the intellectuals, the industry and the government do. Why not let them have it? Is that an age old question? Not really. It is a duty. And talk helps us. I don’t think I can provide my great “monotone” voice that bores the shit out of people to my readers but when it comes to being “wordy” there is hope.

I may have been trained to write as an intellectual does but nobody bothered to train me to “talk” as anyone but a boring, annoying wordy speaker and I see no reason why this cannot be a great “benefit” to all mankind. The great “mic” and half-ass software that can only handle some backgrounds make this possible. So many God-damn words to make a sentence the reader will “cry?” That is how we like it. Would you like to steal my content and write your own smart “views” and publish them an hour after mine came out? Enjoy the “new” format. The sad truth is some of us learn and in the great “wordiness” will leave and brevity takes its place. More content to steal for some of us thanks to speech-to-publish? F all of you. Progress must take place. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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