Progress Is Good…

God bless America. Darkness and madness may take over but good things still happen.

Ionically Starbucks serving drinks and Samsung make devices and Google messing with everything software endlessly contribute more to making America Great than our political system with all its claims. Yes this speaks to Trump. And let’s not forget those not present like my LG Tone 910 headset that I am wearing and is absent from this photo. So many are fighting to make America better and improve it quietly and others talk a lot and do evil

My Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S Pen (no it does not have a penis. It has a Pen S) finally got upgraded to Android 7. For whatever reason I have liked Android 7 and I never cared for new versions. 

Tab does a lot of work and I even cheated and bought a keyboard to make it more of my tablet. And I cheated even more and ordered a nice HP case for smaller laptops (I got a refurbished outdoor wireless speaker instead until I complained and is on the way but am not sure if anybody cares to take the speaker back) so I can skip carrying my work laptop around. Honestly I only need my email a lot and the rest can get done on work computers or home. VPN doesn’t get the bad rap it should get. Tab A 10.1 is dandy and if is to Trump be banned from your car, all public transport and definitely airplanes. That is Greatness in some view.

I also want to thank Amazon and Microsoft for their contributions to this country also. They have friends in our government circles and we were asked to throw their names in. They are good. We have idiots working for US Government. 

Enjoy Greatness as we have it while it lasts. Our regime might pound and beat into your flesh soon as another idea of Greatness. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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