Focus OR Not Focus!

Samsung Focus is a productivity app made for Samsung users and used by very few people. There is not much I can say here because of the limited use. It does run on my Galaxy Note 5 but says not available on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Pen S (pun intended?) and honestly the Tab 10.1 is very fit for business use so why not have Focus fit the device? 

Samsung apps won’t run on non-Samsung phones unless something in it for Samsung. And I don’t see why they should. They would have to provide support for them enemy devices. I learned that using the super awesome Samsung Smart Switch. That is a super app AND if you try to transfer TO a non-Samsujg phone you find out you ain’t so smart. It works all kinds of ways but only if destination is a Samsung device. Focus could have same problems BUT should work on Samsung devices, shouldn’t it? 

I am still getting used to it. I do like the folder feature that bundles my Unread and Flagged emails in such named folders and that increases productivity. Why doesn’t or how come I don’t know how to make this happen super easy on my Outlook is the question! Samsung Focus does it and is so handy. It somehow is not as friendly in speed of downloading work email. I can see my new emails in their folders (I have more than a few obviously for work) when I log in Outlook on desktop or laptop or on my LG X Power and even using resident email app of Tab 10.1 but Focus sure takes it’s time retrieving new emails. 

The Calendar tab works very well too. The People tab is very straight forward though I go through so many devices and people stuff has so many paths through so many apps to focus on this tab of Focus. Memo tab still makes not much sense. I guess the idea is integration. What integrates with what increases productivity. Memo Tab as standalone is not integrating that I know of hence where is the productivity increase? May be I find out someday. The Home Tab aka Samsung Focus tab is good. Home tabs are usually always good. They set the mood for the app or device and get enough attention. 

I like to use Samsung Focus more than a place to collect work emails and work calendar. It does them very well but we want more. How about letting it work on other Samsung devices? Don’t be shy. Gmail was in Beta for like 10 years and finally got approved as OK by Google. Lol. Samsung cannot be pickier.

Release Samsung Focus and I promise to use Samsung Pay. Sounds like a good deal. Not?


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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