They Finally Got The Mayor?

And I was wondering where “bullying” comes from. A quick Google search to that effect landed a research article and turned out interesting.

Bullying is an European “idea” first mentioned in 1530s and the foremost expert is a European dude who helps victims. The very interesting thing about bullying which is a cultural phenomenon is how every peek at its origin pairs it with “Capitalism.” Bullying is a necessary function in competition so can win. No wonder women, blacks,Muslims and Mexicans are “chosen” by our Economic Boss El Pendejo himself. You need a victim class to benefit the bully class. There used to be a saying that “early wealth of America was created on the back of the slave class.” They didn’t have Mexicans and Muslims then and women were “chatel” to begin with. Those were the good old days. Lol.

The bullying process harms both bully and victims. Outsiders like to add the biggest bully we know is General Uncle himself (he somehow always WON) and anonymous blogs are mentioned as one of the cyberbully methods technology brings us. There is a hint at the General again. Cynics say when someone very much like the General finally appears in politics we will remember him as Donald Trump! Trump is a bully? Bullies anyone? There is a list starting with Hillary and Obama. The man knows economy. For greatness to accumulate there has to be a victim class. In a more intellectual way General Uncle used to preach of the enormous benefits to America everytime say an old lady falls on a bus or train and cannot get up. He knew his economics too may be in an academic way and scared everyone but the idea is solid. Greatness can be created and only some can do it. Others do the have the balls to do what it takes.  Lol again.

The bottom line is United States is no longer a European country and history proves killing a huge number of the right people will solidify such claims. In this case all whom like anything British or Euro and point is made. 

There is mention of bullying in the anals of General Uncle. The one incident mentioned I blocked Mexicans and General basically settled the matter by “if your kid do this again you are both dead” and the matter was resolved. This type of solution can be applied but bullying is another one of those Great American things that need to go. The solution?

We need a citizenship program. State Dept asked for one year to develop it and a few months more they say. A national program how you live in America or else. It is coming and addresses bullying too.

For now our friend the Sheriff states he can take care of all the bullies including General Uncle too. That is funny. The problem our good Sheriff has had is he talks and then takes a long time to fix. General Uncle is an American icon. That is what happens in America when “they cannot catch you.” And that is what the General used to say about his “blogs” that “if they are going to stop him first they ha e to catch him.” Learned folks argued it was really hard to bust the General because in order to have a big mouth like he had one bad to measure as a good citizen and have his shit together and then can be prominent and get away with telling a lot of nonsense and rude shit to people and they will let him. Busting the General as a bully is one thing and busting Capitalist bullying another.

At least we now know for a fact Trump can make America great. His methods however require therapy for him and his victims. General Uncle never needed therapy for his blogs and “cyberbulling” which is peculiar. The theory fails him. They did call him a mudslinger however. That is another topic.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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