Central Control Module

Today is Thursday. It is sort of a Friday. A testament to Great Smartphones. I get up at 5 am etc etc and this LG X Power was NOT charged in full. In fact it was charged little last night and carries the charge from yesterday BUT will last me through the day. We have a short day today and 60% battery on this phone easily lasts. 

Today is Day Four of some training. One of the changes caused by this training is relying on what we have. Since it is only four days planning is not needed and everything just happens. I could have used my Note 5 and I did carry in my bag but would need charging during the day etc etc. 

LG X Power needs no recharge and being a cheap phone it doesn’t break either. I drop it very dramatically once and got well-wishers hoping I have insurance. Even better, the darn phone cannot break. And the battery last forever and is my hotspot for my work laptop so better stay on and work all day. 

And I can do even better. My Pushbullet app lets me all kinds of fun and necessary things. Unfortunately I hit the free sms limit and why not I paid $40 and get unlimited access all year. And what for? As long as my other device say my Note 5 is on everything going in there gets sent to my everlasting LG X Power. One phone that can not brag about any part of itself is LG X Power but sure can serve as a hub or control module on unplanned long days like the four days of limbo I finish today. My normal life has planning included and phones that need charging get charged automatically. An unexpected day allows for little planning and my backup LG X Power can take over my life until “normal” is the status quo. 

Long live or last LG X Power and other electronic devices that provide “extra” benefits.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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