Pushbullet For Business

I finally figured how to use Pushbullet effectively. The connected device has to be “on” and everything works well.

I use three cellphones and two tablets and is a long story to tell again how testing requires etc etc. The most recent trouble I have had has been the need to get my notifications etc in real time. The problem with so much activity for a person who gets too many notifications is the battery dies fast. The endless charging is a nuisance and impractical. LG X Power solved that problem by its 4000 mAh battery. One phone lasts all day and even night. This is a huge progress however I still have my sms and even calls to go to other devices. The best app to deal with this problem has been Pushbullet. It works great however I wasn’t sure how. I have it installed on my tablet’s and phones. If I am riding the train and using a tablet and someone sms me on a phone I get a pop-up notification from the Pushbullet app. I can read it but I only could respond from Pushbullet on another device on and off. I finally figured it out.

When the connected device is on I will get real time sms notification and I can respond live. The reason I couldn’t was I wasn’t live. I would notice a message had arrived in Pushbullet and that be normal having multiple devices and I never paid attention to its time and would try to respond only to see it fail. The mystery remained until now. I have to leave other phones in the charger and can do my business from LG X Power. That makes sense. 

Now I can leave one device that I normally don’t carry on and plugged in and leave my Note 5 in the charger when needed AND be able to take care of all my business from my LG X Power. 

That is Progress.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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