LG X Power The Business Handset!

You are right. I don’t know how to turn them photos but point is made. 

My new case arrived or one of the two arrived and this will do. The case is shiny and supposed to be metal and fits very well but no rigged case. It does however have a good feel and the edges around the screen are flat. That makes for an easy to hold and type smartphone though violates the raised border as cushion against flat drops. I have tempered glass and don’t care. 

LG X Power has done well recently. Once I removed the bulky case the bare phone was very easy to handle and slide in and out of pockets. This case keeps that advantage and protects too. I finally got Pushbullet to work well on LG X Power and I can do my text messaging of all devices thanks to Pushbullet from LG X Power. The battery never dies. I love it. HTC has  midrange 4000 mAh battery device on the way. I like that too.  


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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