The Buggar Boss of United States

It is time to begin planning for life after Donald Trump. Those with good information happen to tell he will not be with us much longer and we need to design our next leader.

The General Uncle approach to be General Uncle as a public official will not work as we have seen what it did to Donald and his career. He did have some positive notes.

Executive Orders. One of the smartest things anyone has done is making good use of EO of the President. Donald is famous for them already. Those with good information of not very high credibility (not the top group) happen to say a very smart EO is in the works. After successfully banning the carrying of anything electronic larger than a cellphone on airplane (a success versus embarrassment for America is Great lobby) the next one e is inspired by a 16 hour flight of Air India without any working toilets. Trump knows how to do it. Next EO is based on the good intelligence Trump has personally that very small terrorists plan to hide in the toilets of airliners therefore EO bans a list of airlines which Ivanka dislikes from using toilets during the flights. Hence another victory for America is Great lobby. We know what we are doing is their motto. 

And while on this note the next World Leader replacing Trump very soon must continue the good use of EO as our esteemed Leader does. One suggestion be to ban picking of noses by passengers on any form of public transport. I fucking hate it when people do that and only a man as big and able as Trump or his replacement would understand the importance of keeping folks from nose picking in a Great country. The Buggar Boss of US. Our Leaders ain’t afraid of this title because of their “regulations” regarding “handling of Buggar in public spaces.” In fact they think is Great. Ask Trump or his replacement soon. In America is Great, children can be handcuffed, women can be treated “any way” men want and perfectly okay and as we learned from Trump apparently everyone “must” like and endorse the public “officials” or not American and that is real good. Sounds like in a corporation must say to the boss or get fired. Politics ain’t so and guess what not only they won’t say yes but they shoot at you too. That is the standard not “must endorse me.” 

Buggar Laws of United Sttes would never have come to be if not for Great Men (Great is always male) who know how to handle them Executive Orders. The Greatest country in the World or a big toilet? You figure it out.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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