LG X Power Advances (First Draft Publication. Enjoy the Errors.) 

LG X Power has done well. The test device that could. It did so well it stayed. And needs to do more.

As a backup device LG X Power has done well. It has done too well. It has saved the day so many times and finally time has come for LG X Power to move up in the world. I admit I tried in the direction of LG V10 or V20 but ended up back here.

LG V10 has no battery claims but LG V10 though may not be as battery efficient as expected is able to charge up way too fast. That makes LG V20a great candidate to be what LG X Power is and not as backup device. LG V20 can be the main device but at $400 used it can wait. The experimental purchases go well once in a while only. LG X Power did too well and being a good phone is not always proof the device can happen. My brand new Nokia 640XL is an awesome phone that has not been turned on for weeks. It may test well but doesn’t mean goes into service well. LG V20 can wait therefore.

Doing a pro and con analysis of LG X Power versus my Note 5 did work out. My Note 5 is an awesome phone and why cannot LG X Power be partially as good? Note 5 is a morning to noon device for my purposes. If it is to be on at its screen resolution the battery does well but I have to charge it endlessly. LG V20 charges super fast against Note 5 but not enough reason to change phones. Note 5 is an executive phone. You get everything you would get if you had so much money only the best in all categories would make sense to have and Note 5 is it for smartphone. I still have to keep it and no V20 for now.

LG X Power has an all day and night battery for someone who expects to receive endless emails, sms and notifications. Phone calls still exist but stuff that pop on the screen take up most of your day. The battery needs to last and all day and night is too good to be true but LG X Power delivers.

So why has it not been working out for me. It took some starring and comparing side by side and finally I think I got it. My pro and con table added something on Note 5 side that may just do it. A “comfee feel” is what makes a big difference.

My Note 5 weighs just right. I sits in my hand just right and I got mad at this girl who told me when I told we have the same case (white Speck with black raised lines for grip) that “it is cheap.” Online may be cheap but Speck makes awesome cases and they are Not cheap. Note 5 fits my hands with its Speck case. And? LG X Power may have a rugged two layer case (one of top 10 cases if we believe online articles) but when analyzed against Note 5 with Speck this case makes the phone twice as thick as is and those raised borders aim the protect against a flat drop but also make it so hard to hold and type.

The trouble with inexpensive phones is best accessory makers won’t make for them. I do have a case on the way. Aluminum blah blah. And I think will sit nicely in the hand for all day use. We will see. The case arrives by April 15th and will prove or not. It is highly expected. I like to have a never-dying all day and night device. My Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S Pen can last day and night doing IT. My phone needs to also. Long live 4000 mAh battery devices. They are needed.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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