Central Control Module

Today is Thursday. It is sort of a Friday. A testament to Great Smartphones. I get up at 5 am etc etc and this LG X Power was NOT charged in full. In fact it was charged little last night and carries the charge from yesterday BUT will last me through the day. We have a short day today and 60% battery on this phone easily lasts. 

Today is Day Four of some training. One of the changes caused by this training is relying on what we have. Since it is only four days planning is not needed and everything just happens. I could have used my Note 5 and I did carry in my bag but would need charging during the day etc etc. 

LG X Power needs no recharge and being a cheap phone it doesn’t break either. I drop it very dramatically once and got well-wishers hoping I have insurance. Even better, the darn phone cannot break. And the battery last forever and is my hotspot for my work laptop so better stay on and work all day. 

And I can do even better. My Pushbullet app lets me all kinds of fun and necessary things. Unfortunately I hit the free sms limit and why not I paid $40 and get unlimited access all year. And what for? As long as my other device say my Note 5 is on everything going in there gets sent to my everlasting LG X Power. One phone that can not brag about any part of itself is LG X Power but sure can serve as a hub or control module on unplanned long days like the four days of limbo I finish today. My normal life has planning included and phones that need charging get charged automatically. An unexpected day allows for little planning and my backup LG X Power can take over my life until “normal” is the status quo. 

Long live or last LG X Power and other electronic devices that provide “extra” benefits.


Pushbullet For Business

I finally figured how to use Pushbullet effectively. The connected device has to be “on” and everything works well.

I use three cellphones and two tablets and is a long story to tell again how testing requires etc etc. The most recent trouble I have had has been the need to get my notifications etc in real time. The problem with so much activity for a person who gets too many notifications is the battery dies fast. The endless charging is a nuisance and impractical. LG X Power solved that problem by its 4000 mAh battery. One phone lasts all day and even night. This is a huge progress however I still have my sms and even calls to go to other devices. The best app to deal with this problem has been Pushbullet. It works great however I wasn’t sure how. I have it installed on my tablet’s and phones. If I am riding the train and using a tablet and someone sms me on a phone I get a pop-up notification from the Pushbullet app. I can read it but I only could respond from Pushbullet on another device on and off. I finally figured it out.

When the connected device is on I will get real time sms notification and I can respond live. The reason I couldn’t was I wasn’t live. I would notice a message had arrived in Pushbullet and that be normal having multiple devices and I never paid attention to its time and would try to respond only to see it fail. The mystery remained until now. I have to leave other phones in the charger and can do my business from LG X Power. That makes sense. 

Now I can leave one device that I normally don’t carry on and plugged in and leave my Note 5 in the charger when needed AND be able to take care of all my business from my LG X Power. 

That is Progress.

Nougat Arrives!

It finally happened. Verizon released Nougat for Galaxy Note 5 and it took long enough to download and install. It is faster and definitely responds better. And 97 apps got updated and 7 more to go. I hope it is all for the best. Galaxy Note 5 is a really good one and is too bad the government wants to ban them so can have more policies by Trump Administration that did go through. We need phones like Galaxy Note 5. 

LG X Power The Business Handset!

You are right. I don’t know how to turn them photos but point is made. 

My new case arrived or one of the two arrived and this will do. The case is shiny and supposed to be metal and fits very well but no rigged case. It does however have a good feel and the edges around the screen are flat. That makes for an easy to hold and type smartphone though violates the raised border as cushion against flat drops. I have tempered glass and don’t care. 

LG X Power has done well recently. Once I removed the bulky case the bare phone was very easy to handle and slide in and out of pockets. This case keeps that advantage and protects too. I finally got Pushbullet to work well on LG X Power and I can do my text messaging of all devices thanks to Pushbullet from LG X Power. The battery never dies. I love it. HTC has  midrange 4000 mAh battery device on the way. I like that too.  

The Buggar Boss of United States

It is time to begin planning for life after Donald Trump. Those with good information happen to tell he will not be with us much longer and we need to design our next leader.

The General Uncle approach to be General Uncle as a public official will not work as we have seen what it did to Donald and his career. He did have some positive notes.

Executive Orders. One of the smartest things anyone has done is making good use of EO of the President. Donald is famous for them already. Those with good information of not very high credibility (not the top group) happen to say a very smart EO is in the works. After successfully banning the carrying of anything electronic larger than a cellphone on airplane (a success versus embarrassment for America is Great lobby) the next one e is inspired by a 16 hour flight of Air India without any working toilets. Trump knows how to do it. Next EO is based on the good intelligence Trump has personally that very small terrorists plan to hide in the toilets of airliners therefore EO bans a list of airlines which Ivanka dislikes from using toilets during the flights. Hence another victory for America is Great lobby. We know what we are doing is their motto. 

And while on this note the next World Leader replacing Trump very soon must continue the good use of EO as our esteemed Leader does. One suggestion be to ban picking of noses by passengers on any form of public transport. I fucking hate it when people do that and only a man as big and able as Trump or his replacement would understand the importance of keeping folks from nose picking in a Great country. The Buggar Boss of US. Our Leaders ain’t afraid of this title because of their “regulations” regarding “handling of Buggar in public spaces.” In fact they think is Great. Ask Trump or his replacement soon. In America is Great, children can be handcuffed, women can be treated “any way” men want and perfectly okay and as we learned from Trump apparently everyone “must” like and endorse the public “officials” or not American and that is real good. Sounds like in a corporation must say to the boss or get fired. Politics ain’t so and guess what not only they won’t say yes but they shoot at you too. That is the standard not “must endorse me.” 

Buggar Laws of United Sttes would never have come to be if not for Great Men (Great is always male) who know how to handle them Executive Orders. The Greatest country in the World or a big toilet? You figure it out.

LG X Power Advances (First Draft Publication. Enjoy the Errors.) 

LG X Power has done well. The test device that could. It did so well it stayed. And needs to do more.

As a backup device LG X Power has done well. It has done too well. It has saved the day so many times and finally time has come for LG X Power to move up in the world. I admit I tried in the direction of LG V10 or V20 but ended up back here.

LG V10 has no battery claims but LG V10 though may not be as battery efficient as expected is able to charge up way too fast. That makes LG V20a great candidate to be what LG X Power is and not as backup device. LG V20 can be the main device but at $400 used it can wait. The experimental purchases go well once in a while only. LG X Power did too well and being a good phone is not always proof the device can happen. My brand new Nokia 640XL is an awesome phone that has not been turned on for weeks. It may test well but doesn’t mean goes into service well. LG V20 can wait therefore.

Doing a pro and con analysis of LG X Power versus my Note 5 did work out. My Note 5 is an awesome phone and why cannot LG X Power be partially as good? Note 5 is a morning to noon device for my purposes. If it is to be on at its screen resolution the battery does well but I have to charge it endlessly. LG V20 charges super fast against Note 5 but not enough reason to change phones. Note 5 is an executive phone. You get everything you would get if you had so much money only the best in all categories would make sense to have and Note 5 is it for smartphone. I still have to keep it and no V20 for now.

LG X Power has an all day and night battery for someone who expects to receive endless emails, sms and notifications. Phone calls still exist but stuff that pop on the screen take up most of your day. The battery needs to last and all day and night is too good to be true but LG X Power delivers.

So why has it not been working out for me. It took some starring and comparing side by side and finally I think I got it. My pro and con table added something on Note 5 side that may just do it. A “comfee feel” is what makes a big difference.

My Note 5 weighs just right. I sits in my hand just right and I got mad at this girl who told me when I told we have the same case (white Speck with black raised lines for grip) that “it is cheap.” Online may be cheap but Speck makes awesome cases and they are Not cheap. Note 5 fits my hands with its Speck case. And? LG X Power may have a rugged two layer case (one of top 10 cases if we believe online articles) but when analyzed against Note 5 with Speck this case makes the phone twice as thick as is and those raised borders aim the protect against a flat drop but also make it so hard to hold and type.

The trouble with inexpensive phones is best accessory makers won’t make for them. I do have a case on the way. Aluminum blah blah. And I think will sit nicely in the hand for all day use. We will see. The case arrives by April 15th and will prove or not. It is highly expected. I like to have a never-dying all day and night device. My Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S Pen can last day and night doing IT. My phone needs to also. Long live 4000 mAh battery devices. They are needed.