Viva Note 5

I was going to change my fingerprint on my Note 5 and what do you know I can add a fingerprint and bang I can get in with finger the other way. Note 5 has been a solid device. I admit I could do more if I learned the features well but that be un-American. It may even be illegal. Isn’t that why Blackberry went out of Biz for most practical purposes? Products may not be “too” good. That is un-American. Mediocre also known as Great domestically is what is American. Bleckberry super devices? Galaxy Note 7 revolutionary devices? The list goes on. Note 5 is the last of Great One (un-American style) that violates the Greatness (American style) doctrine. So many thanks can do but if one has to learn them? That be again un-American. They should have a database of folks who refuse to “conform” and all kinds of names can be invented to call them (American style again) and what those words sat is always “right.” Back to the age of shit and dirt. No wonder Communists were so “lucky” getting so many countries to join them just to destroy whatever it is we have here that is coming back to life. They call it Greatness and there be a complex penalty system if you “disagree.” Some free country that is. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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