And Once I Only Had One To-do List?

Inasmuch as technology has advanced and the huge cost of wireless services (compared to a small mortgage for a family?) there are too many places where wireless signal doesn’t reach. And I use all three carriers (TMobile is not a carrier to follow its doings- The Uncarrier?) and even years later the wireless signal at exact same places sucks and almost universally. This comes up because I am underground and waiting for the above photo to upload before I can scare everyone. That is what some expect blog posts to do! What? This is a technology blog. Lol.

I was looking to download Blackberry Notable. An app that lets you scribble all over screenshots and share them. A primitive version of what Galaxy Note Pen S app does? And LG has an app for same purpose. I just saved the above screenshot using that app so what is new? Blackberry has a very smooth twist on things. If they do keyboard it be the best in the world. If they did it be again unique and most reliable in the world (for business at least) and so on. I really looked forward to the app. Apparently it is available for Blackberry Android devices. I can wait but…

While I was searching Play Store I came across this other app. Notable is tiny app that lets u add todo items to your notification bar. That is not Blackberry Notable but once I gave up on getting BN I went back to Notable again. 

Notable is a very useful app. As a person who has been overtrained in productivity I am a fiend for listing things. And I have so many written or in my head. Master lists, goal lists, todo lists,shit lists and so on. I got plenty and in this mess one loses something important. The original good old fashioned list of things to do now or today humbly known as the “to-do” list by laypeople. Lol.

I have tried everything from dedicated apps to jotting on paper or electronically and so on. The damn list cannot do its job. It grows and becomes another list. It disappears. It gives birth to more basic to-do lists. Finally, I think I have a solution. Notable as notification reminders for the very short lived todos. 

Does it work? So far is great but now I have three Notable lists already. Two phones and one tablet. I am trying to convince myself that is how it supposed to be. Work todo versus life to-do and so on but is probably the same. Ten different lists in time for an app that can only do one list and multiple devices too? This is great. Simplicity is not possible any more.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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