This Is New!

Using public WiFi at SF Library when logging into a bank app this is what pops up. More than once! And using my smartphone same app had no requirements. 

Read it. Provide ATM card number and PIN so things get better! It is good. The color and design matches the app. What they don’t know is how many accounts some of us log into daily and how suspicious we get at anything and everything. 

Phishing is a disgrace. Anyone caught Phishing ought to be executed. Public execution preferred. Fortunately torture has returned to the US as a very acceptable “way” of dealing with problems. And thinking one of those nice patrons sitting in the library (the part of town where Ed Lee would be operating if he didn’t have City Hall as his headquarters) is running a program on a laptop robbing people makes you appreciate torture and public executions. 

Be careful when in San Francisco. THEY say everyone from the Mayor to the guy or gal next to you in the “library?” is a thief. And give them benefit of a doubt if you are a fool. Only in SF!


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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