US Tip Currency

Tip currency courtesy of United States Treasury. What else can you do with $2 bills. First bank gave me 10 and said best time to get them is next December. My bank has connections with the government so they can order stuff. It took a week and they never called me as promised to pick them up. Probably, thought only a crackpot wants so many $2 bills and never will show. Well they were wrong. In the good old days we could accrue social benefits from being labeled a crackpot and be exempt from almost all laws but this days are gone. It has been determined that erratic behavior can be perfectly normal. What is unusual about ordering stacks of $2 bills? Wouldn’t dare argue or who knows what is next.

I tipped $2 today. Honestly it felt good too. A cashier told me recently how she gets up at 2:30 everyday. I sympathized but thinking telling the wrong person. Some of us spend much time tormenting people as our “official” duties. Hardship? That does not even enter the picture but in a balanced country and a balanced system more people need tips. Critics claim this is an agenda to pay off bus drivers and the like to be less grumpy and operate an efficient system. Everyone needs to cooperate and we will have a decently run country no thanks to DC. Tip system makes this possible. The only people who support this so far are people who don’t want to tip! Tip vouchers are in study also. A barcode gets scanned at the counter and that is your tip. Less pressure and less amounts but more frequency and more recepients. I am also told paper vouchers can be customized with choice photographs. The exact example given was can print photo of Hitler on your vouchers and really enjoy tipping where you go. Here is some gratuities from the Furah himself. Some of us get our own tools. I got $2 bills. Even laundromat won’t accept them. Dedicated tip currency. What are you gonna do?


Author: DonnyTrumpet

Reward Points are currency of the future to supplement retail. They deserve the time it takes to obtain them.