Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 With Pen S (A Reflection)

Tab 10.1 has been good. It has worked as expected and even better. The size of screen makes the device invisible and one can be lost in the work versus deal with a device.

The battery lasts forever and easily spans two days. Half of the time I use Wi-Fi on location but most of the time I use hotspot from my phones while I am mobile. I can review so much stuff in the morning while riding the train. I have never used the camera but everything has worked awesome both software and hardware. 

Since I got Tab 10.1 and had bought the wrong case I am careful with how I use the device. The wrong case was made for Tab 10.1 without a Pen S. That model is narrower but fit temporarily except the Pen S was not accessible. The proper case has worked very well and Pen S is easily accessible but not used as much. I do keep my Tab 10.1 and the generic stylus I use in a plastic bag and inasmuch I am being nerdy with this packaging I have to do this because Tab 10.1 is a business tool and cannot be dusty not to mention dirty while at work. I have been very pleased with the condition thanks to the double coverage. 

I am very dependent on the generic stylus I have and honestly have tried hard to use the Pen S but cannot as easily. The reason being the generic stylus does a great job “tapping” versus Pen S when I use Squid the app which is very finger friendly (generic stylus). Note S app is a very good replacement for Squid but has no “quick” menu to switch from Pen S to finger and vice versa. This hinders things so much I do my work by sticking to the generic stylus which is a finger substitute. Tab 10.1 needs a quick switch button in Note S and we are in business with Pen S.

Everything else is good. Split desktop only works with some apps but I use it and works better than did on Note phone devices. I can use many apps better on Tab 10.1 versus phone or desktop. Shopping apps are so much more interesting at 10.1 size. Feedly articles read very well on 10.1 and Excel is very practical and I use it. I never could use Excel on my phones except for reading. Instagram is a new experience at 10.1. Facebook? I have temporarily deactivated my account. I only use Facebook Messenger and when my life turns mundane I will have a use for Facebook again. User Guides and ebooks read very well on 10.1. I consider that an automatic feature. If I downloaded them I will read them no matter how boring. It is that simple because of screen size. I also make webpage shortcuts more than did on the phone because they are so manageable on 10.1. 

I really have no regrets about 10.1. I can say when in landscape mode it pays to turn the screen 180 degrees so home button ends on left side. The return and open app buttons are next to the home button and when holding the 10.1 in landscape to read you will touch them for sure. To avoid this turn 180 and no more accidents. News Republic has a cool lockscreen on my phones and I can read garbage sold as news very fast there. That lockscreen is missing from 10.1 app and is needed. And speaking of missing apps Google Play Store will not download many new and some popular apps as “not available for your device” which is the only time I use could language with my Tab 10.1.

Overall, Tab 10.1 with Pen S is awesome. It has helped so much. I am so glad is not a “device.” It is well designed so disappears into my work life and I use it all the time without thinking “technical” about anything. The magic? The proportions of screen! Long ago when Jobs was alive and we were sharing a project was given to him. This project had a “group” of devices. One couldn’t do all the job (F iPad therefore.)  The simplest and most useful of these devices was the “tablet” that was big enough so the user would be lost in the content and forget there is a screen to see through and a device is at use. Size was the key and a much bigger screen size was expected to be the solution. It was aimed for training difficult learners (everyone at low skill jobs?) who resist media and learning to be lost in the content and forget “their excuses” about the media and learning. Tab 10.1 at current proportions achieves this. I have the most boring PDF user guides of page number size on my 10.1 on purpose to see what happens! I go back to reading that junk (I need the info) regularly because the content “reads” itself. It be 20 to 50 pages later before I stop and think I just read XX pages and F what I read too. Normally 2 pages would be the end of my patience before I would stop and ponder “what is the meaning of life” and “God I hate reading this stuff.” The device let it happen and should be recommended as a business tool. Do not forget Tab series are very good and deemed as “budget” series too. Tab 10.1 with LTE is everywhere and really kicks iPad’s ass but then again screen proportions are so easy to duplicate. Two persons whom pushed the screen size are worth mention. The big boss is Sac once recommended Kindle DX (screen size!) as practical versus tiny Kindles and was right on. Long before him our horror story writer whom hated Jobs and was around inputting his ideas into the “devices” told us of a computer monitor of portrait shape he found practical for his incessant writing. Size does make a difference and so does proportions. We have Tab 10.1 and it can do the job versus useless iPad so let’s use it.

PS. It has been suggested when publishing the posts ought to be marked (unedited version) for whom dislikes deliberate errors making reading hard ( they say I am a jerk and do this on purpose! Oh well….) After cleanup, the mark be changed to Edited Version (they say be safe to read then.) I guess I can do that.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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