$2 Headshot Currency Vending Machines? What Has Rump Done to US?

Good morning. Monday is here. Rain happens and strangely thin. Today won’t be cold but may be wet. And we have a few errands to run. Tomorrow is back to work and technically transition from 2016 to 2017 is over now. This may be February but by our calendar is half way point of 2017 and 5-6 months from now we be looking 2018 though probably be end of summer then by your calendar. Most activities and events that take some take occur this way and override typical calendars. One may say having multiple calendars is healthier and more productive but then who cares, right? Life goes on. One big change for 2017 is I am out of town excuses. I still cannot return to gym because of stupid doctors whom oppose activities and cannot combine driving with everything I do for same reason. The damn brain needs to operate as it does at speed it does. When that speech changes because of speed of movement or biological changes the thought processes change too. I guess we get there eventually but for now this is it. The big change is we need to read for about four hours daily to stay on top of things and that is being implemented for 2017. This will affect a few things not discussed here. What is good is that Rump is out of everyone’s system and we can return to normal activities disrupted since last September. This country has a lot to do and Rump may do stuff but he will be ineffective until State Dept messes up the executive branch real good and like the national election which is a big fraud and nobody denies any more we can toss executive branch as we have it out. The regional districts are at work to replace DC and there be regional districts in Canada and Mexico too. North American whatever it be called will be one large territory hovered effectively and efficiently and with as little “political” oversight as possible. That will go out with Trump into the trash can.

For now, I have to get hold of a bunch of $2 bills so I can tip for services. Too bad in a real backward country such as United States I cannot put my own photo on the $2 bills so folks known gave them these “gratuities.” They should have personalized banknotes to help economic exchanges. For now some ugly dead dude is the face on my $2 bill and everyone knows that guy wouldn’t tip them 2 cents and somebody else donates this bill. Amen to that. Some may suggest $2 bills can come with a blank space for the headshot and they can have machines at store to take our photos on print on our $2 bills and spit them out. It be like laundromat. You put money in and it takes your photo and spits out that many $2 bills with your headshot. It promotes America is Great also. Where else in the world can you print your own legal currency and be appreciated so much too? 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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