To Tip Or Not to Tip!

That is the question. Those idiots who work on government projects are taking so long to develop TipCoins as a substitute to cash for tipping and also to make it possible to tip LESS but at a larger number of occasions versus the few common places. Since I cannot tip because I hate using cash and most tiny purchases like coffee etc don’t have a tip provision and these idiots take so long to develop a system (which by the way have been told how to and better not deviate or else ) I had to come up with a solution. Half is mine and half was suggested. The suggested part is get a stack of $2 bills from wherever bank or what not and use as temporary TipCoin. 

That be good for say a $10 burrito and I am told the $2 paper denomination can easily be substituted with an equal paper version that serves only this purpose. 

We just need to make sure a few people get hurt and this be done fast. That is always the last resort. 

For my end, I figured $2.50 coffee is about 50 cents tip which I won’t ever carry so once a week I can drop a $5 gift card in there and we are even.

That is what I am gonna do and who cares when the rest gets done. I would rather tip more people for more things not just food which takes less per tip than this underground system of cash handling practiced everywhere.

And to encourage this system of tipping people ought to be allowed to order custom printed $2 bills with their own photos. 50 of these babies is $100 and be so cool to carry and tip people with services with our own denomination. Soon US bills be reprinted with photos of All White leaders, Haters, historical criminals and you know who himself so cannot be worse to print Tip money showing “personal” gratitude. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

Reward Points are currency of the future to supplement retail. They deserve the time it takes to obtain them.