Nokia Lumia 640XL

Another Lumia has arrived. At least I can say after trying a bunch of Lumias they are always interesting. I wouldn’t be interested in trying many Android devices because they be so similar and forget iPhone so boring.

We see how this one goes. I admit I rushed. This is a 3G model which won’t necessarily mean cannot go fast pending the network cooperates but I could have picked LTE version had I known so many variations of 640XL were out there.

I expect good things. Device is big so gets used more and not tiring. Orange? That be cool for a while until I hate the color. That never happened to Yellow, Blue, Green or black or other Lumias. Colors never wore off. I know Lumia batteries are good. The question is how many apps can load and it uses a micro Sim. I thought I have to make a trip to the store for a Nano sim. I switch the sim. The camera be good and we are on. Let’s see how microphone and speakers are. 

If Obama phone was to get an upgrade this be it. Technology made for people who are lower lower class and hope technology moves them up to upper lower class. Windows Mobile has links to windows and goes places for some. That is what I have been told by promoters of Hillary Phone. Hillary would upgrade Obama phone. She should get the credit and there is a liberal angle there. Jobs for poor. Right wingers want jobs FROM the poor and minorities to whoever says YES to their agenda. Go Hillary.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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