Damn Chargers…

46%. I spent entire day using this phone including mobile hotspot for a very long time while I did my taxes and at 5:09 it is 46%.

Big business need to provide free LG X Power to employees as an option to use of they want. It is a $200 handset but gets so much done.

I started carrying a charger and cable a few weeks ago mostly because they weigh so little and my Note 5 has a super pixeled screen hence eventually needs a charge. The friging coffeeshop disabled their wireless charger pods more than a month ago. The manager said was an experiment but now they changed covers of all their wall sockets too. Literally the entire premeter has new covers with no Jacks where old wall plugs were. I have several portable batteries and weight keeps me from taking any of them but looks like I have to or I just use my LG X Power And install Pushbullet on my note 5. Whatever goes there shows on the LG X Power even when is off. Pushbullet is dandy. I get everything to goes to my Galaxy Note 3 when I log into my Windows tablet. And I haven’t turned that phone on for a while. Nokia phones have superb battery life. The Note 3 will become Lumia 640XL probably tomorrow when it arrives. I wonder if the battery lasts a long time. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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