Viva Note 5

I was going to change my fingerprint on my Note 5 and what do you know I can add a fingerprint and bang I can get in with finger the other way. Note 5 has been a solid device. I admit I could do more if I learned the features well but that be un-American. It may even be illegal. Isn’t that why Blackberry went out of Biz for most practical purposes? Products may not be “too” good. That is un-American. Mediocre also known as Great domestically is what is American. Bleckberry super devices? Galaxy Note 7 revolutionary devices? The list goes on. Note 5 is the last of Great One (un-American style) that violates the Greatness (American style) doctrine. So many thanks can do but if one has to learn them? That be again un-American. They should have a database of folks who refuse to “conform” and all kinds of names can be invented to call them (American style again) and what those words sat is always “right.” Back to the age of shit and dirt. No wonder Communists were so “lucky” getting so many countries to join them just to destroy whatever it is we have here that is coming back to life. They call it Greatness and there be a complex penalty system if you “disagree.” Some free country that is. 


And Once I Only Had One To-do List?

Inasmuch as technology has advanced and the huge cost of wireless services (compared to a small mortgage for a family?) there are too many places where wireless signal doesn’t reach. And I use all three carriers (TMobile is not a carrier to follow its doings- The Uncarrier?) and even years later the wireless signal at exact same places sucks and almost universally. This comes up because I am underground and waiting for the above photo to upload before I can scare everyone. That is what some expect blog posts to do! What? This is a technology blog. Lol.

I was looking to download Blackberry Notable. An app that lets you scribble all over screenshots and share them. A primitive version of what Galaxy Note Pen S app does? And LG has an app for same purpose. I just saved the above screenshot using that app so what is new? Blackberry has a very smooth twist on things. If they do keyboard it be the best in the world. If they did it be again unique and most reliable in the world (for business at least) and so on. I really looked forward to the app. Apparently it is available for Blackberry Android devices. I can wait but…

While I was searching Play Store I came across this other app. Notable is tiny app that lets u add todo items to your notification bar. That is not Blackberry Notable but once I gave up on getting BN I went back to Notable again. 

Notable is a very useful app. As a person who has been overtrained in productivity I am a fiend for listing things. And I have so many written or in my head. Master lists, goal lists, todo lists,shit lists and so on. I got plenty and in this mess one loses something important. The original good old fashioned list of things to do now or today humbly known as the “to-do” list by laypeople. Lol.

I have tried everything from dedicated apps to jotting on paper or electronically and so on. The damn list cannot do its job. It grows and becomes another list. It disappears. It gives birth to more basic to-do lists. Finally, I think I have a solution. Notable as notification reminders for the very short lived todos. 

Does it work? So far is great but now I have three Notable lists already. Two phones and one tablet. I am trying to convince myself that is how it supposed to be. Work todo versus life to-do and so on but is probably the same. Ten different lists in time for an app that can only do one list and multiple devices too? This is great. Simplicity is not possible any more.

This Is New!

Using public WiFi at SF Library when logging into a bank app this is what pops up. More than once! And using my smartphone same app had no requirements. 

Read it. Provide ATM card number and PIN so things get better! It is good. The color and design matches the app. What they don’t know is how many accounts some of us log into daily and how suspicious we get at anything and everything. 

Phishing is a disgrace. Anyone caught Phishing ought to be executed. Public execution preferred. Fortunately torture has returned to the US as a very acceptable “way” of dealing with problems. And thinking one of those nice patrons sitting in the library (the part of town where Ed Lee would be operating if he didn’t have City Hall as his headquarters) is running a program on a laptop robbing people makes you appreciate torture and public executions. 

Be careful when in San Francisco. THEY say everyone from the Mayor to the guy or gal next to you in the “library?” is a thief. And give them benefit of a doubt if you are a fool. Only in SF!

US Tip Currency

Tip currency courtesy of United States Treasury. What else can you do with $2 bills. First bank gave me 10 and said best time to get them is next December. My bank has connections with the government so they can order stuff. It took a week and they never called me as promised to pick them up. Probably, thought only a crackpot wants so many $2 bills and never will show. Well they were wrong. In the good old days we could accrue social benefits from being labeled a crackpot and be exempt from almost all laws but this days are gone. It has been determined that erratic behavior can be perfectly normal. What is unusual about ordering stacks of $2 bills? Wouldn’t dare argue or who knows what is next.

I tipped $2 today. Honestly it felt good too. A cashier told me recently how she gets up at 2:30 everyday. I sympathized but thinking telling the wrong person. Some of us spend much time tormenting people as our “official” duties. Hardship? That does not even enter the picture but in a balanced country and a balanced system more people need tips. Critics claim this is an agenda to pay off bus drivers and the like to be less grumpy and operate an efficient system. Everyone needs to cooperate and we will have a decently run country no thanks to DC. Tip system makes this possible. The only people who support this so far are people who don’t want to tip! Tip vouchers are in study also. A barcode gets scanned at the counter and that is your tip. Less pressure and less amounts but more frequency and more recepients. I am also told paper vouchers can be customized with choice photographs. The exact example given was can print photo of Hitler on your vouchers and really enjoy tipping where you go. Here is some gratuities from the Furah himself. Some of us get our own tools. I got $2 bills. Even laundromat won’t accept them. Dedicated tip currency. What are you gonna do?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 With Pen S (A Reflection)

Tab 10.1 has been good. It has worked as expected and even better. The size of screen makes the device invisible and one can be lost in the work versus deal with a device.

The battery lasts forever and easily spans two days. Half of the time I use Wi-Fi on location but most of the time I use hotspot from my phones while I am mobile. I can review so much stuff in the morning while riding the train. I have never used the camera but everything has worked awesome both software and hardware. 

Since I got Tab 10.1 and had bought the wrong case I am careful with how I use the device. The wrong case was made for Tab 10.1 without a Pen S. That model is narrower but fit temporarily except the Pen S was not accessible. The proper case has worked very well and Pen S is easily accessible but not used as much. I do keep my Tab 10.1 and the generic stylus I use in a plastic bag and inasmuch I am being nerdy with this packaging I have to do this because Tab 10.1 is a business tool and cannot be dusty not to mention dirty while at work. I have been very pleased with the condition thanks to the double coverage. 

I am very dependent on the generic stylus I have and honestly have tried hard to use the Pen S but cannot as easily. The reason being the generic stylus does a great job “tapping” versus Pen S when I use Squid the app which is very finger friendly (generic stylus). Note S app is a very good replacement for Squid but has no “quick” menu to switch from Pen S to finger and vice versa. This hinders things so much I do my work by sticking to the generic stylus which is a finger substitute. Tab 10.1 needs a quick switch button in Note S and we are in business with Pen S.

Everything else is good. Split desktop only works with some apps but I use it and works better than did on Note phone devices. I can use many apps better on Tab 10.1 versus phone or desktop. Shopping apps are so much more interesting at 10.1 size. Feedly articles read very well on 10.1 and Excel is very practical and I use it. I never could use Excel on my phones except for reading. Instagram is a new experience at 10.1. Facebook? I have temporarily deactivated my account. I only use Facebook Messenger and when my life turns mundane I will have a use for Facebook again. User Guides and ebooks read very well on 10.1. I consider that an automatic feature. If I downloaded them I will read them no matter how boring. It is that simple because of screen size. I also make webpage shortcuts more than did on the phone because they are so manageable on 10.1. 

I really have no regrets about 10.1. I can say when in landscape mode it pays to turn the screen 180 degrees so home button ends on left side. The return and open app buttons are next to the home button and when holding the 10.1 in landscape to read you will touch them for sure. To avoid this turn 180 and no more accidents. News Republic has a cool lockscreen on my phones and I can read garbage sold as news very fast there. That lockscreen is missing from 10.1 app and is needed. And speaking of missing apps Google Play Store will not download many new and some popular apps as “not available for your device” which is the only time I use could language with my Tab 10.1.

Overall, Tab 10.1 with Pen S is awesome. It has helped so much. I am so glad is not a “device.” It is well designed so disappears into my work life and I use it all the time without thinking “technical” about anything. The magic? The proportions of screen! Long ago when Jobs was alive and we were sharing a project was given to him. This project had a “group” of devices. One couldn’t do all the job (F iPad therefore.)  The simplest and most useful of these devices was the “tablet” that was big enough so the user would be lost in the content and forget there is a screen to see through and a device is at use. Size was the key and a much bigger screen size was expected to be the solution. It was aimed for training difficult learners (everyone at low skill jobs?) who resist media and learning to be lost in the content and forget “their excuses” about the media and learning. Tab 10.1 at current proportions achieves this. I have the most boring PDF user guides of page number size on my 10.1 on purpose to see what happens! I go back to reading that junk (I need the info) regularly because the content “reads” itself. It be 20 to 50 pages later before I stop and think I just read XX pages and F what I read too. Normally 2 pages would be the end of my patience before I would stop and ponder “what is the meaning of life” and “God I hate reading this stuff.” The device let it happen and should be recommended as a business tool. Do not forget Tab series are very good and deemed as “budget” series too. Tab 10.1 with LTE is everywhere and really kicks iPad’s ass but then again screen proportions are so easy to duplicate. Two persons whom pushed the screen size are worth mention. The big boss is Sac once recommended Kindle DX (screen size!) as practical versus tiny Kindles and was right on. Long before him our horror story writer whom hated Jobs and was around inputting his ideas into the “devices” told us of a computer monitor of portrait shape he found practical for his incessant writing. Size does make a difference and so does proportions. We have Tab 10.1 and it can do the job versus useless iPad so let’s use it.

PS. It has been suggested when publishing the posts ought to be marked (unedited version) for whom dislikes deliberate errors making reading hard ( they say I am a jerk and do this on purpose! Oh well….) After cleanup, the mark be changed to Edited Version (they say be safe to read then.) I guess I can do that.

$2 Headshot Currency Vending Machines? What Has Rump Done to US?

Good morning. Monday is here. Rain happens and strangely thin. Today won’t be cold but may be wet. And we have a few errands to run. Tomorrow is back to work and technically transition from 2016 to 2017 is over now. This may be February but by our calendar is half way point of 2017 and 5-6 months from now we be looking 2018 though probably be end of summer then by your calendar. Most activities and events that take some take occur this way and override typical calendars. One may say having multiple calendars is healthier and more productive but then who cares, right? Life goes on. One big change for 2017 is I am out of town excuses. I still cannot return to gym because of stupid doctors whom oppose activities and cannot combine driving with everything I do for same reason. The damn brain needs to operate as it does at speed it does. When that speech changes because of speed of movement or biological changes the thought processes change too. I guess we get there eventually but for now this is it. The big change is we need to read for about four hours daily to stay on top of things and that is being implemented for 2017. This will affect a few things not discussed here. What is good is that Rump is out of everyone’s system and we can return to normal activities disrupted since last September. This country has a lot to do and Rump may do stuff but he will be ineffective until State Dept messes up the executive branch real good and like the national election which is a big fraud and nobody denies any more we can toss executive branch as we have it out. The regional districts are at work to replace DC and there be regional districts in Canada and Mexico too. North American whatever it be called will be one large territory hovered effectively and efficiently and with as little “political” oversight as possible. That will go out with Trump into the trash can.

For now, I have to get hold of a bunch of $2 bills so I can tip for services. Too bad in a real backward country such as United States I cannot put my own photo on the $2 bills so folks known gave them these “gratuities.” They should have personalized banknotes to help economic exchanges. For now some ugly dead dude is the face on my $2 bill and everyone knows that guy wouldn’t tip them 2 cents and somebody else donates this bill. Amen to that. Some may suggest $2 bills can come with a blank space for the headshot and they can have machines at store to take our photos on print on our $2 bills and spit them out. It be like laundromat. You put money in and it takes your photo and spits out that many $2 bills with your headshot. It promotes America is Great also. Where else in the world can you print your own legal currency and be appreciated so much too? 

To Tip Or Not to Tip!

That is the question. Those idiots who work on government projects are taking so long to develop TipCoins as a substitute to cash for tipping and also to make it possible to tip LESS but at a larger number of occasions versus the few common places. Since I cannot tip because I hate using cash and most tiny purchases like coffee etc don’t have a tip provision and these idiots take so long to develop a system (which by the way have been told how to and better not deviate or else ) I had to come up with a solution. Half is mine and half was suggested. The suggested part is get a stack of $2 bills from wherever bank or what not and use as temporary TipCoin. 

That be good for say a $10 burrito and I am told the $2 paper denomination can easily be substituted with an equal paper version that serves only this purpose. 

We just need to make sure a few people get hurt and this be done fast. That is always the last resort. 

For my end, I figured $2.50 coffee is about 50 cents tip which I won’t ever carry so once a week I can drop a $5 gift card in there and we are even.

That is what I am gonna do and who cares when the rest gets done. I would rather tip more people for more things not just food which takes less per tip than this underground system of cash handling practiced everywhere.

And to encourage this system of tipping people ought to be allowed to order custom printed $2 bills with their own photos. 50 of these babies is $100 and be so cool to carry and tip people with services with our own denomination. Soon US bills be reprinted with photos of All White leaders, Haters, historical criminals and you know who himself so cannot be worse to print Tip money showing “personal” gratitude.