Transfer That Data!

Since politics is a boring field until soon when there be huge Federal official funerals to watch on television we can work on other important thing.

Transferring data! That big topic nobody talks about. 

Things have gotten better over the years. We used to have a machine that was marvell of technology when first announced. The Cellebrite transfered data from so many phones to so many and came with so many cords to fit so many devices. It was so exciting and did reign for a couple of years then everyone changed. We will never know if technology did improve or big companies wanted not be saved by this Israeli-made device. Everyone went to extremes to solve the problem.

Personally, the transfer of data is a big issue. Our own Cellebrite machine has been broken forever and there a time it could be fixed but the arrival of MCE machine eliminated the support. The all-powerful MCE was expected to arrive in January of 2016 and this is January of 2017. What did we do in the meantime?

We fight against losing customers. It wasn’t until this January of 2017 that the number of customers who couldn’t purchase because their stupid phones had to be backed up at home made me realize we CAN lose business without a retarded machine that is supposed to solve our problems.

iCloud has saved a few lives or data but if you run into as many morons as I did in January who owned iPhones for years but didn’t know or didn’t trust iCloud you realize Apple is not training its customers well.

Samsung on the other hand kicks ass. I have never stopped praising Samsung Smartwatch and how many lives it saved (makes Apple look bad! Everyone watch for an exploding app on your Android device and it be all the fault of someone Apple or Chinese companies have an issue with…) and honestly except for the times when the old device is too old to allow install of Smartswitch or someone too smart tries to be smart use Smartswitch to transfer data between two non-Samsung devices and the app won’t cooperate the Smartswitch is the best. Everything from how it connects devices to what it reads and how long it takes fits a customer situation very well. iCloud like every other Apple invention with an i to mark you are paying 30% of the price for the “mystery” of the iDevice or iApp has too much “mystery” for every user to fully trust it unless has used it many times before. Apple needs to improve. The Switch to iOS app is a start but needs to transfer more. Smartswitch (probably be the first exploding software soon for upsetting Apple. Huh) does the opposite of Switch to iOS also and u can log into iCloud inside Smartswitch and go Android that easy. Apple needs to improve. LG and HTC have similar apps but honestly everyone buys Samsung so never used the other apps.

And let’s not forget the most contributing of all. Google improves daily. They do ruin good things and do abandon good things but improve they do. I remember the days when the only way (like 2 years ago and not that long) to get your contacts off a stupid device was to download a Google utility (forget the name but was very common) and back to Google. That was such a lifesaver and grand Dady of all these apps till was discarded. Typical Google? Technology changed too. 
Today logging into Gmail saves so many lives. You can even back your data on iDevices to Gmail not iCloud and survive a device purchase easy thanks to Google. Gmail login saves contacts (wish did text messages too) and calendar etc. So many lives saved daily by this Google contribution and even gets better. Google backup. Ooooh. That does such a good job and should improve. 

Let there be at least one complete universal app or service to back our data and use it again. There are too many and that makes them not universal. Thieves do opposite of contribution and just take unfairly so Apple is out but Google believes in “universal” and it’s apps need slight modifications to be more so. It improves our world that much.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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