Nokia Lumia 640XL

Yep. It is 8:24 am and my battery is at 77% already. I admit last night the charge did not reach full before I unplugged and left my Galaxy Tab A 10.1 to charge overnight. The Tab hadn’t been charged for two days and was 40% and better be ready. The Note 5 battery is very good but compared to my LG X Power it is not as much. The LG X Power was used all day a lot yesterday and not charged at all last night and is now at 62%. There is a battery for you.

And Lumia line got discontinued. It is a shame? Progress. Some lines don’t face as much adversity not because they are so great but because they con people. iPhone is one which owes it’s prosperity more to politics being the only Leftist company in America. Nokia, HTC, Blackberry and so on make great devices but the market is owned and run by politics not technology.

Since Lumia prices are good I got another Lumia to check out. I forget them but think I have had Nokia Lumia 630, 640, 1520 and 1620 or whatever was the big one. I had both 20 and 40 megapixel camera ones. And I have had them in black, blue, yellow and green I am sure. The 640XL will be orange. I am curious about color impact.

I do have a GSM line for testing and goes there. This is the unlocked version but is 3G which won’t bother me. It was only after I purchased following the reading of a relevant blog post that I dug into user manuals and there is more than half a dozen versions of this one. I like to test this and probably try the 950XL someday mostly because has some of the technology of Note 7. Progress.

And this be it today. Elections ended and we used to have a President for past 8 years who was best ignored and nicknamed President Zero as how effective he was. If Presidents get a number we have President Minus 10 for now. We definitely MUST ignore him because is big bad news. The less of him the better even of means changing topic to bygone Nokia Lumia line as future technology. It is that bad in politics. The stink from the White House is already filling the country they are saying in DC.

PS. And some speculate Lumia devices be great for Obama Phone users. First rate software at prices only the poor can afford or get for free. That be Progress. A large base will lead to more app development.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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