God Bless America Goes to War…

Saturday here. Sun is out but cold continues. At least there is no rain. 

Dark Ages are about to begin. The reign of the Great is beginning by the Great Show (Circus Show) formerly as Inauguration before was declared Great. The State Dept knows the loss of the word Great for government use is costly and once Great becomes a bad word and offends everyone it be harder to promote America as Great. Their solution has been slightly tricky as implemented over the past two weeks. They are replacing the world Great with Blessed for government use to stay atop their propaganda until Rump and his are long forgotten and Great becomes a neutral word again.

America is Great has always been the official motto of US much like others have theirs. Allah is Great is most notable of current mottos actively used in Propaganda. The loss f America is Great as a central idea in common thought will be troublesome. Successful criminals have taken control of some government offices and stolen much to use for their own benefit. Most notably they control part of government Propaganda commonly used by the Government to achieve its ends. America is Great as an expression of criminal activity achieved and covered by Great is a huge loss to those whom need Propaganda. Propaganda exists most notably to make folks go in a specific direction. Who is using and how is being abused is not perceivable at the receiving end side. They just follow it and go THAT way. To this end US State Dept has sought to replace this central piece in American common rhetoric with God Bless America. How and when this difference becomes important is not the topic here. The topic is State Dept fornpast two weeks have been trying to get those whom generate Propaganda like yours truly to adhere to the new rhetoric being raised. God bless America is to confront and combat America is Great and State Dept needs all the help they can get. Hail Hitler! That wasn’t so bad and neither is America is Great in the hands of Rump and his until they get busted like Nazis did then???? I guess God blesses America for now as far as we Propaganda makers are concerned as long as State Dept has their shit together. 

Evil is Great is another one. Good General Uncle loved his motto. And everyone knew he just didn’t want anyone to join his side. By invitation only. Chanting wouldn’t get them in and who dares brag that Evil is Great anyway? We see how far America is Great by Rumps goes. Hail Hitler to you President Rump. You know what that means when they catch you too. Soon.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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