Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 With Pen S CASE

The second case arrived. 

The previous one was bought before I ordered by Tab A and little did I know the two Tab A with and without Pen S are not the same size. The Navy case is now history and was made for Tab A without a Pen S. The biggest problem was accessing the Pen S. Since it was covered up the case had to come off to take the Pen S out of its slot. All the excitement over the new case arriving is that Pen S is accessible in the case. I tried it and works. I can remove Pen S by touch.

The case looks nice and pivots also. All the buttons are accessible and will do fine. One thing I learned my last case was that dust gets attracted to the device and the case in unusual quantities. This time I plan to put my device inside its case inside a proper plastic holder. 

I don’t know about fingerprints but dust definitely gets handled this way. The old case came with a plastic protector for the glass. I did install as temporary solution and it was perfect but for fingerprint marks. While I was waiting for the case to arrive which did very quickly and I was unable to pick it up as quickly until today, I also ordered a Tempered Glass for my Tab A. Since it takes a long trip to get here and very cheap I ordered two. As luck has it I ordered wrong for Tab A 10.1 without Pen S since I didn’t know a difference existed. It is a little narrow but otherwise fits perfectly. Now, I can see if fingerprints accumulate as did on the plastic cover I had installed.

The most important aspect of getting a new case is the device is a business tool. Inasmuch I personally like my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with a Pen S this is not a personal tool. It is a professional tool and has to perform at that level. For one thing, so much dust is not okay for a professional tool even if black color and shiny nor is accumulation of fingerprints on the glass area. Additionally, it has to be functional and without this case it was only partly functional. My Tab A is now readier than before for work and I am very pleased. Yours should be too.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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