Transfer That Data!

Since politics is a boring field until soon when there be huge Federal official funerals to watch on television we can work on other important thing.

Transferring data! That big topic nobody talks about. 

Things have gotten better over the years. We used to have a machine that was marvell of technology when first announced. The Cellebrite transfered data from so many phones to so many and came with so many cords to fit so many devices. It was so exciting and did reign for a couple of years then everyone changed. We will never know if technology did improve or big companies wanted not be saved by this Israeli-made device. Everyone went to extremes to solve the problem.

Personally, the transfer of data is a big issue. Our own Cellebrite machine has been broken forever and there a time it could be fixed but the arrival of MCE machine eliminated the support. The all-powerful MCE was expected to arrive in January of 2016 and this is January of 2017. What did we do in the meantime?

We fight against losing customers. It wasn’t until this January of 2017 that the number of customers who couldn’t purchase because their stupid phones had to be backed up at home made me realize we CAN lose business without a retarded machine that is supposed to solve our problems.

iCloud has saved a few lives or data but if you run into as many morons as I did in January who owned iPhones for years but didn’t know or didn’t trust iCloud you realize Apple is not training its customers well.

Samsung on the other hand kicks ass. I have never stopped praising Samsung Smartwatch and how many lives it saved (makes Apple look bad! Everyone watch for an exploding app on your Android device and it be all the fault of someone Apple or Chinese companies have an issue with…) and honestly except for the times when the old device is too old to allow install of Smartswitch or someone too smart tries to be smart use Smartswitch to transfer data between two non-Samsung devices and the app won’t cooperate the Smartswitch is the best. Everything from how it connects devices to what it reads and how long it takes fits a customer situation very well. iCloud like every other Apple invention with an i to mark you are paying 30% of the price for the “mystery” of the iDevice or iApp has too much “mystery” for every user to fully trust it unless has used it many times before. Apple needs to improve. The Switch to iOS app is a start but needs to transfer more. Smartswitch (probably be the first exploding software soon for upsetting Apple. Huh) does the opposite of Switch to iOS also and u can log into iCloud inside Smartswitch and go Android that easy. Apple needs to improve. LG and HTC have similar apps but honestly everyone buys Samsung so never used the other apps.

And let’s not forget the most contributing of all. Google improves daily. They do ruin good things and do abandon good things but improve they do. I remember the days when the only way (like 2 years ago and not that long) to get your contacts off a stupid device was to download a Google utility (forget the name but was very common) and back to Google. That was such a lifesaver and grand Dady of all these apps till was discarded. Typical Google? Technology changed too. 
Today logging into Gmail saves so many lives. You can even back your data on iDevices to Gmail not iCloud and survive a device purchase easy thanks to Google. Gmail login saves contacts (wish did text messages too) and calendar etc. So many lives saved daily by this Google contribution and even gets better. Google backup. Ooooh. That does such a good job and should improve. 

Let there be at least one complete universal app or service to back our data and use it again. There are too many and that makes them not universal. Thieves do opposite of contribution and just take unfairly so Apple is out but Google believes in “universal” and it’s apps need slight modifications to be more so. It improves our world that much.


Nokia Lumia 640XL

Yep. It is 8:24 am and my battery is at 77% already. I admit last night the charge did not reach full before I unplugged and left my Galaxy Tab A 10.1 to charge overnight. The Tab hadn’t been charged for two days and was 40% and better be ready. The Note 5 battery is very good but compared to my LG X Power it is not as much. The LG X Power was used all day a lot yesterday and not charged at all last night and is now at 62%. There is a battery for you.

And Lumia line got discontinued. It is a shame? Progress. Some lines don’t face as much adversity not because they are so great but because they con people. iPhone is one which owes it’s prosperity more to politics being the only Leftist company in America. Nokia, HTC, Blackberry and so on make great devices but the market is owned and run by politics not technology.

Since Lumia prices are good I got another Lumia to check out. I forget them but think I have had Nokia Lumia 630, 640, 1520 and 1620 or whatever was the big one. I had both 20 and 40 megapixel camera ones. And I have had them in black, blue, yellow and green I am sure. The 640XL will be orange. I am curious about color impact.

I do have a GSM line for testing and goes there. This is the unlocked version but is 3G which won’t bother me. It was only after I purchased following the reading of a relevant blog post that I dug into user manuals and there is more than half a dozen versions of this one. I like to test this and probably try the 950XL someday mostly because has some of the technology of Note 7. Progress.

And this be it today. Elections ended and we used to have a President for past 8 years who was best ignored and nicknamed President Zero as how effective he was. If Presidents get a number we have President Minus 10 for now. We definitely MUST ignore him because is big bad news. The less of him the better even of means changing topic to bygone Nokia Lumia line as future technology. It is that bad in politics. The stink from the White House is already filling the country they are saying in DC.

PS. And some speculate Lumia devices be great for Obama Phone users. First rate software at prices only the poor can afford or get for free. That be Progress. A large base will lead to more app development.

God Bless America Goes to War…

Saturday here. Sun is out but cold continues. At least there is no rain. 

Dark Ages are about to begin. The reign of the Great is beginning by the Great Show (Circus Show) formerly as Inauguration before was declared Great. The State Dept knows the loss of the word Great for government use is costly and once Great becomes a bad word and offends everyone it be harder to promote America as Great. Their solution has been slightly tricky as implemented over the past two weeks. They are replacing the world Great with Blessed for government use to stay atop their propaganda until Rump and his are long forgotten and Great becomes a neutral word again.

America is Great has always been the official motto of US much like others have theirs. Allah is Great is most notable of current mottos actively used in Propaganda. The loss f America is Great as a central idea in common thought will be troublesome. Successful criminals have taken control of some government offices and stolen much to use for their own benefit. Most notably they control part of government Propaganda commonly used by the Government to achieve its ends. America is Great as an expression of criminal activity achieved and covered by Great is a huge loss to those whom need Propaganda. Propaganda exists most notably to make folks go in a specific direction. Who is using and how is being abused is not perceivable at the receiving end side. They just follow it and go THAT way. To this end US State Dept has sought to replace this central piece in American common rhetoric with God Bless America. How and when this difference becomes important is not the topic here. The topic is State Dept fornpast two weeks have been trying to get those whom generate Propaganda like yours truly to adhere to the new rhetoric being raised. God bless America is to confront and combat America is Great and State Dept needs all the help they can get. Hail Hitler! That wasn’t so bad and neither is America is Great in the hands of Rump and his until they get busted like Nazis did then???? I guess God blesses America for now as far as we Propaganda makers are concerned as long as State Dept has their shit together. 

Evil is Great is another one. Good General Uncle loved his motto. And everyone knew he just didn’t want anyone to join his side. By invitation only. Chanting wouldn’t get them in and who dares brag that Evil is Great anyway? We see how far America is Great by Rumps goes. Hail Hitler to you President Rump. You know what that means when they catch you too. Soon.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 With Pen S CASE

The second case arrived. 

The previous one was bought before I ordered by Tab A and little did I know the two Tab A with and without Pen S are not the same size. The Navy case is now history and was made for Tab A without a Pen S. The biggest problem was accessing the Pen S. Since it was covered up the case had to come off to take the Pen S out of its slot. All the excitement over the new case arriving is that Pen S is accessible in the case. I tried it and works. I can remove Pen S by touch.

The case looks nice and pivots also. All the buttons are accessible and will do fine. One thing I learned my last case was that dust gets attracted to the device and the case in unusual quantities. This time I plan to put my device inside its case inside a proper plastic holder. 

I don’t know about fingerprints but dust definitely gets handled this way. The old case came with a plastic protector for the glass. I did install as temporary solution and it was perfect but for fingerprint marks. While I was waiting for the case to arrive which did very quickly and I was unable to pick it up as quickly until today, I also ordered a Tempered Glass for my Tab A. Since it takes a long trip to get here and very cheap I ordered two. As luck has it I ordered wrong for Tab A 10.1 without Pen S since I didn’t know a difference existed. It is a little narrow but otherwise fits perfectly. Now, I can see if fingerprints accumulate as did on the plastic cover I had installed.

The most important aspect of getting a new case is the device is a business tool. Inasmuch I personally like my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with a Pen S this is not a personal tool. It is a professional tool and has to perform at that level. For one thing, so much dust is not okay for a professional tool even if black color and shiny nor is accumulation of fingerprints on the glass area. Additionally, it has to be functional and without this case it was only partly functional. My Tab A is now readier than before for work and I am very pleased. Yours should be too.