I Have Finally Arrived!

Thanks to the new Right Wing government Elite is “in” again and just in time I was declared Elite by a retail store. I am good for 12 months. Free shipping and all. I am so grateful to live in a Right Wing country. I hear Fascists and Nazi governments are even “Greater.” I am humble. I settle for Elite status under Mr T. There is an Elite Plus too but need to spend more money. Personally PayPal has a better deal. I can get $50 worth of points if I be good. And who said “conformity” does NOT pay. That is all it does. It PAYS. I wonder if I get to Elite Plus that be equal to experiencing life as a favored person under a Nazi or Fascist Government? Can it be that good? Mr T been good to me. And don’t forget we want those extra tax refunds of several hundreds when Republicans are in office and find “mistakes” and pay America back. I promise when rebellion time comes you be given a chance for your efforts. Then again of this country HAS any law and order the Right Wing be out soon and Left Wing means back to coupons and shopping points! I am redeeming points to gift cards. Thanks to Obama and reign of left Wing coupons are good until Right Wing moves in. I have three gift cards for $50, $25 and $25 coming and have $30 in reward points and another $50 gift card. All this shenanigans so I can get a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 and NOT pay for it? Hey that is how the Left does it. When the Right move in they give me cash to pay. They don’t do coupons.

PS. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is here too. Unfortunately the $384 may sound a little above the no-S Pen model but after adding up my free Gift Cards and Reward dollars there be a balance of $200 left which is WTF? The Pen model costs twice as much? It is cool though. When the Right Wing takes over they PAY you to get the S Pen model. No worries.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

Reward Points are currency of the future to supplement retail. They deserve the time it takes to obtain them.