It Is Time For Samsung Pay?

Yes it is. 

Finally I have decided to start using Samsung Pay. That reminds me of when the Pay system first arrived. We used to use a good little app that when linked to an American Express Serve would give $1 per transaction. That was a fun system and everyone I knew used it till they fell on hard times. It just happened the company that made this app ended up in the news because shared the name ISIS with an unfriendly bunch of people that made the news often. It got sold blah blah and I honestly don’t remember if timing coincided with Apple Pay or be blaming Apple for creating ISIS (overseas one) and why not. You can research the timing. I don’t care. 

I am doing quite well as is. Our courageous candidate has won a “fixed election” and Apple shall get what it will get. The only Leftist American company? Meet Donny. Then again our hopes may be short-lived. Only yesterday yours truly won an argument that Donny is President until we get what we want and that was that. Today things look poor. Apparently “someone” had been arranging to take down some prominent folks whom opposed him and this being illegal we were given sad news there may not be a swearing-in this January. 

This is 2016. I had a very good year. Last month a fellow competitor wireless company got dirty with us and did a hit. It cost us some percentages and I lost $80 in commissions. Everyone expects them to attack again this month which is neat because I never from hear more than once. And wise folks say rooky politicians take shots at folks like us. Oh well. They live and THEY learn I guess why nobody tries twice.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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