iRing You.

I be promoting this accessory type once a week as long as I remember to do. 

A mad man was taking hold of anyone sitting at communal table at Starbucks the other day. He was parked with his laptop and as soon as someone else made the mistake of sitting and setting up devices he would begin. Mad conversations cannot be stopped that easily. I can. I specialize in customer service but average Joe or Jane?

He got several people with his loud annoying conversations (who CARES about your plug in USB splitter and your stupid video collection anyway) and eventually everyon ran and place got quiet. I wear ear plugs anyway so does not bother me but they all got abused.

In the midst of this nonsense, one person got up to move to the end of the table away from HIM and that is when I saw it. His iPhone was proped side ways with a ring thingy. That would save so many billions of broken phone dollars if only public knew about AND was not stigmatized in the media by Apple and big companies so people shun the attachment and continue breaking phones which earns them hundreds of billions annually indirectly. I really wanted to take a picture of it assuming was a generic handle the guy glued to his phone BUT I couldn’t risk getting close to the Mad man so bad to leave it TILL NOW.

It has a name. I gotta get some of these and promote this. You too. Breaking cellphones systematically is an un-American activity and MUST stop. Wireless industry already bleeds the bill of population and this is TOO much. You may NOT break your phone. That is economic loss at grass root level and gain at Trump level? Promote it or you get yours.
P.S. Statistics say 100000+ phones break daily worldwide. Yep they do.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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