You Gotta Love The Man (Who??)

Saturday and not much to say. I did pick up an app from recommended apps of week for Android and once again can keep Journal. That brings bad memories to many they never worried about until one Donald Trump “happened” and now they really insist on remembering that Donald is a human personification of some of what the late General Uncle “was” in his rhetoric AND he got in? Everyone is on the shitlist of those whom ignored the Good General. Battles lines are drawing. Republicans and Trump clan are “happy” and begin to bring “white man rule” back to America. Basically they are white American men and whatever they do is “greatness” for America. Left is drawing battle lines. The political system was defunct so many years ago and left abused it until that Uncle bastard did them and a human “Uncle” is appointing his “like” to Federal offices. There be “resistance” everyday. Word has it everyone on the inside are joining the side of whoever is NOT on Right or Left side of these battle lines. That be the Nazi Party which runs separate of these fools. Join the American Nazi Party? The elitist eluding group of top whatever everyone hates? They can be joined? You can hide behind them for sure. 

The good legal folks from the good State of New York did address some cussing toward the good folks who get fingered for “Trumping” America of certain criminal matters that shall reach the Big White Ruler and “we are not done with him yet” is answered by “he has not even had one fight yet and you ain’t getting Trump till we are done first.” Champion Trump as he is called by some may or may not qualify as a Prizefighter but ain’t going nowhere until he does his “fighting” he was brought in to do. 

Please stop talking Electoral College as if can vote Hillary in. The history of Electoral College is what? Their vote is “fixed” and they always VOTE as you know. Consult Wikipedia on its history. That is your Bible after TV, right? Trump is what America needs (till we are done with him says State Dept)


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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