What A Boring Day

Friday can be boring. Today is. The train is empty and not moving yet. Last night it travelled one stop and broke down. A lot of drama about repairs done and how failed and single-lane adds 30 minutes. Then THEY say the convenient breakdown was staged. The $3.5 billion bond measure the greedy train union won is not that secure and they still need support and got none. 

A lot of things blamed on this dysfunctional travel system. Originally it was intended to make a big loop but locals wouldn’t fund it. What it had become is a way to transfer spending money from all over to one spot. The push to eliminate this is on. No train means hundreds of local cities explode economically while San Francisco dies out. Cars are a myth we are told and State Dept says no more driving for Americans ahead anyway. The train makes economic tumor growth in one city inevitable while others pump their funds and jobs and so on to this center. No train and companies have to locate to proximity of all cities. You don’t know that. Commute train system marked to be rapid cargo train system people know how they can be Trumped. Put all things in order (and got their bonds approved to cover Union overtimes) and last minutes their plans can get what America got with Trump. Those majority votes are exaggerated. If something is really important Government decides for you and riot all you want and lobby all you want. They “fix” you. That is all the news for this boring day. Future is known.

HTC Bolt promises to be a great phone and won’t explode because HTC has market share problems so Apple won’t jinx it? Advances in technology thanks to Android once again. 

There was a blog article yesterday on how Google has been releasing product after product competing with new products out there. It was interesting. Google is not Apple. The focus that Apple has is unchallenged. Anything goes for high profit margins is the Spirit of Apple. That is no tech company. They dropped computer from their name a couple of years ago and soon be a neutral “collection company” making sure everyone pays Apple what it wants. That is where heart of Apple is and beats. That number of dollars on money exchanges and how often etc. 

Google lacks this. Their focus is distracted as always. Bleeding the public will be new to them. In a tech jungle, making a VR against Samsung or Home against Echo and soon is all they can do. The idea of positioning the dumb public to bleed money and acquire these products on the “transaction” principle that Apple worships is alien to them. They still contribute. Google is not as All American as Apple is. Apple bleeds the consumer. They gut people from kids to seniors and pull your intestines out and twist them to remind you who is who amd what is what. You PAY and buy Apple or you be embarrassed and so on. What and how Apple does is not topic here. Google is worth a look. What can Google do to be more focused? Where can it go beyond technology that is “hip, cool, and fun” besides set ups to bleed the public for the grocery money and what discretionary income there may be? What can Google do? Focus will make a difference in what Google can do to contribute. There is potential for development there.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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