Somebody Was Doing Their Job?

Interesting blog post about the abuse the so-called readers put writers through. Nice. That means somebody is doing their job. And American public are filth before going to length justifying what they do is OK but we have to do what we do. 

Having been in the business of criticism (lol) for a long time many stories could be told. I tell you a recent one. Somebody recently wrote that TMO network sucks so bad that $325 bill credit for bringing a Pixel to TMO was a necessity to make up for the terrible performance that would befall the device. Down and dirty? TMO tried to teach a lesson but this somebody knows a lot about putting it up companies behind and for starters comments are not allowed (lol) on this blog since he knows that is only used by marketers and public opinion is a myth. So what does TMO do (they say after happened that look no further than your friends at TMO) to retaliate? Nothing. They are a good solid American (German in this case with a bad rep all the way to Europe) company. However, somehow a fake person appears out of nowhere whom manages to ruin one of the categories of something useful to this “somebody.” That is NORMAL.

The above article blog post talks of how readers insult the writers. My friends at FBI support genuine writing a lot and they would say anybody whom is a bona fide journalist ought to consider their jobs as temporary because there be so much hostility for telling a truth. If you are a tech writer and are not in the business of “praising” endlessly as companies and marketers want you to be doing and no more you will be “upsetting” people but also you are advancing “technology thought” by exploring, asking, suggesting and so on. You are very valuable but as FBI folks would say short-lived in career sense and have to move on. You want to keep doing it? The American public are rude and offensive? The companies and marketers will come at you? That reminds me of a funny incident for long-timers. The editor of a very prestigious newspaper food column was once reported to yours truly as “he is sitting in his living room with a shotgun watching the door.” And that is not the only time he had to. This is America. You said bad things about food and service at my restaurant? 

F these restaurant owners and F these tech companies. Keep writing. The technology field needs “thinking” and like all thinking will come under attack. The attacks just may be a lot more “organized” than you think. And don’t worry this country has law and order. Same way “organized” crime and business want you to worship their decrees the “organized” government does a lot of bone breaking on behalf of those whom are protected by the law and you never hear about it. 

It is still a temporary job if instead of “praise” you choose to “think” in any area of American business. That is all need to know. 

P.S. So many professional fields are choking and intellectually bankrupt in this country because the “thinking” part of the field has died. That is a general effect of “thinking” in America dying by force. The day Donahue was forced “no more” is the symbolic day American “thought” in general and specific areas began to die. Thinking is essential to life and future of fields and happens to be illegal by secret decrees of American business. Think about it. 


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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