Which Part of NO Don’t You Understand?

Yep. They don’t want to return their Galaxy Note 7s. And don’t give a shit about your it will catch on fire stories. And most people don’t give shit about how running into authorities will turn out to fear airport and taking their Notes. They leave it at home? That is not the topic. 

The topic is giving up Note 7 is like giving up Cuban Cigars because the establishment tells you only Dominican or anywhere else but Cuban are “good” cigars and on top of that pass laws to stop you from getting Cuban. There is nothing wrong with Note 7. They may not admit it today but eventually will be. 

The media ganging up on Samsung shows how dirty and low Americans are. They will destroy anything as long they are told. Samsung contributed so much to America and like animals all they care for is more and more to use and abuse. That is America.

This country needs Donald to make it Hell for all of you. Hurts like hell when anyone telling you the truth. You been told again. 

And F TMobile by the way.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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