Call The Police… Help…

And I thought there was nothing to write about until… Da Da…. Is that the banned (iPhone-killer and recently sabotaged by allegedly persons of connection to Apple and/or Chinese manufacturers?) Samsung Galaxy Note 7? 

Call the police or is it FBI or possibly Homeland Security? Yep. This product is banned by order of Vice President Tom Cook of Apple Corporation. How dare they own and use it? Technology that is a threat to the already stressed Apple market sector is banned. Easy or hard it is got to go.

President Donald Trump (I am told T is silent when he gets inaugurated and explanation is “because I can” and you cannot? We will see.) will break Apple in half like a Twig. Probably try but what about its friends? Hillary’s friends are Apple’s friends? The Communist (no longer exists by the way?) CHINA? The Conglomerate of Arabs and probably Jews with corrupt money? The list goes on. Apple still has high hopes to last even if the rigged American election goes the wrong way but then again those Right Wingers have a long history of violence so this topic is decided already.

Trump does bring something that once existed in America back. Free speech. Nobody may speak free since Clinton first moved in and whatever Trump may do not best possible there is rhetoric America has banned and has to hear it. Better than violence.


Author: DonnyTrumpet

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